Python SCORE end of life timeline

With the introduction of Java smart contract support in ICON 2, python SCOREs should be fully deprecated in the future.

Although python SCOREs require a very strict audit process to be published in mainnet, some of them still have very poor performances. When they are executed, they can dramatically slow down the network and everyone is therefore impacted by this.

The ICON Foundation will provide financial or technical support for teams who want to migrate their legacy python applications to Java (see Python SCORE migration to Java).

Core developers and I believe we should aim to completely remove python SCORE support as soon as possible, to reduce the uncertainty related to those legacy contracts being executed on mainnet.

This is a big change, but we believe that if it’s well planned and executed, it will greatly benefit the network in the future.

Therefore, I would like to discuss a possible complete deprecation of all python SCORE within 9 months. Python SCORE support would be deactivated and it would not longer be possible to execute them after the deadline. All related python SCORE code would therefore be cleaned up from goloop as well, remove a big technical debt from the source code.

Please provide your feedback on this and let’s prepare an IIP once we think we are ready to do so.

Thank you.