Proposal: ICON i18n

ICON i18n (Espanicon X ICON London X ICON Guide Star X Spartan Node)

ICON i18n is a collaborative project between Espanicon, Icon London, ICON Guide Star and Spartan Node that aims to expand the reach of the ICON Ecosystem into Spanish, Hindi and Korean speaking communities, as well as strengthen and further educate English speaking community members. The project consists of 4 main parts:

  • Collecting and compiling mission descriptions and summaries of ALL 141 (at time of writing) P-Reps in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Hindi and Korean).

  • Creation and mass distribution of Infographic P-rep descriptions in 4 languages for deeper voter understanding and ICON diversity awareness.

  • ICXShark Twitter bot translation into Spanish, Hindi and Korean.

  • Telegram bot creation and interface translation into English, Spanish, Hindi and Korean.

Project Category:

Community Activities: Ambassador activities, public relations, meetups, educational content and activities, and web community development and management.

Project Description:

One of the main goals of ICON is to bridge blockchains and communities, in order to achieve these goals we need to expand the accessible content that currently exists in the ICON Ecosystem into other languages outside of English. ICON i18n is a multi Prep project with the main goal of continuing expanding the ICON Ecosystem and helping it grow. With 580 million people speaking Spanish today, in addition to an estimated 75 million people speaking Korean, and 600 million speaking Hindi, we decided to expand into these languages as a first step of our goal to expand the ICON Ecosystem.

The goal of this proposal is to bring 4 big updates to ICON that will help current and future Iconists, but also bring in an entire new demographic to ICON.

1 - Full ICX P-rep information database. Outside of the top 30, most P-reps do not have a heavy presence on twitter, medium a website or telegram. This project will involve reaching out to all 140 (as of writing) P-reps and P-rep candidates to compile a database about them in multiple languages. This database will give future ICX holders vital information that they will need in order to make informed decisions on voting in the future.

2 - Spanish, Hindi and Korean language translation and integration. With ICON information currently being 99% in English and as mentioned before, with 580 million people speaking Spanish today, 600 million speaking Hindi, in addition to an estimated 75 million people speaking Korean, there is a huge gap that is needed to be filled in order to reach these communities.

We believe that a full translation into Spanish, Hindi and Korean of the twitter and telegram bots will give both Spanish and Korean language speakers a much needed window into the ICON ecosystem, while the daily stats in their native language will allow non-English speaking ICONists the opportunity to keep up and stay involved with the ICON ecosystem.

3 - Real-time bot integration into telegram (4 Languages) and complete Spanish, Korean and Hindi language translation of ICON twitter bots. ICXShark recently got a massive update that brings real time information about ICX to all twitter users. But what about the ICX telegram friends? We are not only going to bring the same features to 4 telegram bots (English, Korean, Hindi and Spanish), but we will also be adding those features to Twitter. that’s 6 bots that will be speaking multiple languages, all about ICON!.

4 - Complete Infographic (4 Languages) design and social media awareness campaign. With the valuable data collected during this project being complete, another critical aspect will be presentation to the community (and potential new ICONists) in a digestible and interesting form. ICON has a vast array of interesting and diverse people who are creating new and exciting projects every day. This portion of the project will be to highlight these people and groups and shine a spotlight on their past, current and future work; And how this hard work will lead ICON into a key role in the next phase of blockchain’s rise to prominence.

Project Milestones:

Interview and Initial Development phase - 4 weeks

Translation and final development, initial graphical design phase - 4 weeks

Initial testing and closed Implementation, continued graphical design phase - 2 weeks

Final testing, open Implementation and graphical completion phase - 2 weeks

Continued hosting, upkeep and maintenance covered by Spartan Node

Funding Amount Requested:

8,500 ICX, broken down into the following:

  • 3,000 ICX - 90 hours spread over 2 developers for 4 language integration and creation of new information bots for both telegram and twitter.
  • 1,000 ICX - 90 hours spread over 3 researchers and interviewers.
  • 1,000 ICX - 80 hours Spanish language translation of all interviews and data.
  • 1,000 ICX - 80 hours Korean language translation of all interviews and data.
  • 1,000 ICX - 80 hours Hindi language translation of all interviews and data.
  • 800 ICX - 40 hours Infographic creation and other graphical design and creation
  • 500 ICX - 25 hours telegram bot specialist and implementation tester.
  • 200 ICX - Misc equipment, content creation and hosting fees.

All other fees will be covered by the i18n team.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal, we appreciate your comments and recommendations.

Outstanding. Glad to see this proposal. Hope it passes!

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Multilingual translation was something to be done.

Apart from this, I hope that dapps will also be released in the app store and play store in their own language by country.

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