Project WalletX Report #5

Report Name:
Project WalletX (cryptocurrency wallet like mobile banking.)

Reporting Period:
2020.11.30 - 2020.03.15

**Report Description: **
In this phase, SCORE and Landing page development tasks were conducted.

**Task completed **

  • Development of Android and IOS features has been completed.
  • INS SCORE and Rewards SCORE have been completed.
  • A web page has been completed to promote INS and WalletX.

** Project Completion Percentage: **
100% completed all tasks planned for this period (Phase 5).

All functions have been implemented.

It published a web page to promote WalletX and INS.

It is conducting its own QA, recruiting more users to prepare for Close-beta testing.

It is planning to release an app in March.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:

We have completed the fifth phase of the Grant Program. The output of the tasks is attached together with the visualization data, and the work scope of the following deliverables is largely composed of three elements including UI design, App security module development, and backend/server configuration.

  • UI/UX Design

The design of all areas has been completed.

  • Development: Mobile app

All features have been completed.

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