Project WalletX Report #3

Report Name:

Project WalletX (cryptocurrency wallet like mobile banking.)

Reporting Period:
2020.09.27 - 2020.10.28

Report Description:
In this phase it was mainly the proceeds to build mobile development and operating environment task.

Tasks completed

  • PRep (Staking, Delegation) feature was implemented on iOS and Android.
  • The UI has been improved in transfer feature.
  • UX was improved by shortening the user’s behavior when sending ICX.
  • Loopchain-R bug has been fixed and performance has been improved.
  • Loopchain-R’s schema has been modified for efficiency and speed.
  • Testing API builds on the server is complete, being tested using TestNet.
  • The design of the INS user interface has been completed and Internal policies related to INS are being improved
  • The PRep feature is being implemented.
  • Part of the visualization(Diagrams) is implemented in the PRep feature

Project Completion Percentage:
100%, completed all tasks planned for this period (Phase 3).

Remaining Time to Completion:
Next, we will perform Phase 4 tasks.


  • INS(ICON Name Service) UI development is completed
  • Create a page for INS events.


  • Features related to INS have been developed.
  • Improved PRep feature


  • The API documentation and testing of the INS works are completed.
  • The INS Score is tested.
  • Develop SCORE for INS Event.

Expected Results for the Next Period:

After the end of Phase 4, INS SCORE development is completed and most functions are implemented.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
We have completed the second phase of the Grant Program
We have completed the work of the third phase of the Grant Program.The output of the tasks is attached together with the visualization data, and the work scope of the following deliverables is largely composed of three elements including UI design, App security module development, and backend/server configuration.

  • UI/UX Design

Almost every part of the design was completed.

  • Development: Mobile app

The wallet creation and recovery feature is 100% developed.
We have designed 100% connected modules for secure key management on every device.
The money transfer feature is 100% developed.
Asset inquiry completed.

The development of the API for requesting market prices and the development of the connection with the preparatory information has been completed.

Most of the PRep functions have been developed.

  • Development: Backend
    The development of the Network core has been completed.
    The API for the price inquiry was completed.
    The API for PRep search was completed.
    We are testing the feature of registering a wallet and receiving an alarm.
    The construction of the test server was completed.

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