Project WalletX Report #2

Report Name:

Project WalletX (cryptocurrency wallet like mobile banking.)

Reporting Period:
2020.08.28 - 2020.09.26

Report Description:
In this phase, the following tasks were completed, mainly for backend and mobile development.

Tasks completed

  • Onboarding and main page UI
  • Mobile developments related to core functions (Send, Receive, Inquiry)
  • ICX transfers and reception has been developed.
  • The Loopchain-R has been developed and we’re testing it.
  • ERD creation has been completed and block data can be stored in the RDB through Loopchain-R integration.
  • Database was implemented in each mobile device
  • UI improvements related to core functions
  • UI/UX experiments to improve user experience related to prep functions

Project Completion Percentage:
100%, completed all tasks planned for this period (Phase 2).

Remaining Time to Completion:
Next, we will perform Phase 3 tasks.


  • UI related to P-Rep will be completed.
  • UI related to INS will be enhanced


  • P-Rep (Staking, Delegation) function will be implemented.
  • Notification feature
  • Push feature
  • INS feature


  • The ICX wallet can be registered using the API server
  • API Gateway development
  • Writing documents for REST APIs and testing integration
  • Testing INS SCORE

Expected Results for the Next Period:

After the end of Phase 3, the development of the P-Rep function (Staking, Delegation) will be completed, and the development of INS SCORE will begin.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
We have completed the second phase of the Grant Program. The output of the tasks is attached together with the visualization data, and the work scope of the following deliverables is largely composed of three elements including UI design, App security module development, and backend/server configuration.

  • UI/UX Design

The previously written product backlog confirmed the user scenario of ICX remittances with the following functions as a priority.

70% of address management, 90% of public components, 100% of asset management, 90% of wallet management and 90% of transfer design have been completed.

  • Development: Mobile app
    We developed a 100% account ‘Send’ feature.
    100% of the account creation and account recovery features were developed.
    100% of UI testing/development was done to increase user accessibility. For secure key management in each device, 100% of related modules were developed

  • Development: Backend

Improving Network core modules and the ability to extract and analyze blocks has been completed.

We are testing the function to register wallets and receive alarms.

Network core modules are being improved, The feature of extracting and analyzing data from the block data has been completed.

We are testing the feature to register an account and receive a notification.

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