Project WalletX Report #1

Report Name:
Project WalletX (cryptocurrency wallet like mobile banking)

Reporting Period:
2020.07.01 - 2020.8.27

Report Description:
In this phase, the following tasks were completed, mainly for backend and UI development.

Tasks completed

  • Docker-based development/test environment configuration

  • Common UI component

  • Onboarding part of mobile app

  • Security settings including Passcode, Touch ID, and Face-ID

  • UI/UX experiments to improve user experience

  • loopchain analysis

  • loopchain-r

  • Integration with RDB

  • BlockData Analysis

Project Completion Percentage:
100%, completed all tasks planned for this period (Phase 1).

Remaining Time to Completion:
Next, we will perform Phase 2 tasks.


  • Common UI components
  • Onboarding and main page UI
  • UI improvements related to core functions (Send, Receive, Inquiry, INS)


  • Implementation of core functions (Send, Receive, Inquery, INS)
  • Push feature


  • Schema for RDB integration
  • loopchain-r development and tested with real data
  • API Gateway
  • API document creation and integration test

Expected Results for the Next Period:

After the end of Phase 2, the development of core functions (Send, Receive, Inquiry) will be completed, and block data can be stored in the RDB through loopchain-r integration.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:

We have completed the first phase of the Grant Program. The output of the tasks is attached together with the visualization data, and the work scope of the following deliverables is largely composed of three elements including UI design, App security module development, and backend/server configuration.

  • UI/UX Design

In the previously created product backlog, the following features were prioritized, key screen and user scenarios were finished. 90% of common UI components, 100% of asset management features, 70% of account management features, and 80% of security/authentication management were completed.

Epic Stories
Asset management Read total balance
Asset management Read all accounts
Account management Create account
Account management Read account
Account management Update account
Account management Delete account
Account management Export account
Account management Import account
Account management Send
Account management Receive
Account management Notification
Security/Authentication Management Create app password
Security/Authentication Management Update app password
Security/Authentication Management Delete app password
Security/Authentication Management Create Touch ID
Security/Authentication Management Delete Touch ID
Security/Authentication Management Share the app

  • Development: Mobile app

Key management module and security features were developed according to the requirements. 90% of the account creation and account recovery features were developed. 80% of UI testing/development was done to increase user accessibility. For secure key management in each device, 80% of related modules were developed. We developed a 10% account ‘Send’ feature.

  • Development: Backend

100% of the loopchain analysis to develop loopchain-r has been completed, and block data can be extracted from loopchain in real time and stored in the RDB as a result. The schema is being developed for RDB integration and an integration module is being developed. Additionally, an API has been drafted and is in discussion with the mobile developer.

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Thank you for your work.