Project Nebula Report #3 - Final Report

  • Report Name : Project Nebula (NFT collectible game)
  • Reporting Period : 2020.08.20 - 2020.09.20
  • Report Description : Phase 3 (Launch in-game marketplace for NFTs) is finished.
  • Project Completion Percentage : 100%
  • Remaining Time to Completion : 0
  • Expected Results for the Next Period : Grant objectives reached.
  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project :

The last phase of this grant is finished successfully - integration with the ICON wallet is working and it is now possible to buy planets from the in-game marketplace (


In conclusion we have achieved everything that we planned with this grant.

The planet-related game mechanics are set and the interactive planet detail view is working. We have also implemented the NFT smart contract and released planets on Testnet. Our planet generation process is automated and we have a working Marketplace where people can buy planets.

In addition to reaching the milestones of this grant, we also took part in the ICON Hyperhack for which we had to develop some additional features that we initially planned to develop significantly later. For example, the hackathon demo also features the first versions of exploration and solar system views.
Hackathon demo video :
Marketplace demo vdeo :

With these milestones reached, we are ready to hold our first planet presale and deliver the first NFT-s to all the fans already next month.

ICON Forge team would like to once again thank ICON Foundation for the trust and support we have received. We would not have been able to work full-time on Project Nebula had we not received this grant.

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Thank you for your effort and look forward to seeing the first planet presale and productization of this application.