Project Nebula Periodic Report #4

  • Report Name : Project Nebula (NFT collectible game)
  • Reporting Period : 2021.01.20 - 2021.02.22
  • Report Description : Phase 4 is successfully completed - Project Nebula’s closed beta starts on February 23rd.
  • Project Completion Percentage : 70%
  • Remaining Time to Completion : 1-2 months
  • Expected Results for the Next Period : More content and some currently missing functionalities added to gameplay. Adjusting the game based on the feedback of the beta testers.
  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project :

The fourth phase of this grant is completed successfully, during this phase we built the following parts of the game:

  • Movement and exploration mechanics on the hexgrid - gaining and spending movement points, interacting with adventure map objects, incl. colonizing planet NFTs.

  • Adventure map objects - we have designed and created the first batch of various types of new adventure map objects that’ll be populating the game universe.

  • Resources - mechanisms for the generation, accumulation, capping and spending of all of the main resources.

  • Planetary upgrades - interface and the mechanics of the construction of planetary upgrades, along with the first batch of possible upgrades.

We’ll be testing the above developments in our closed beta starting from February 23rd. During the next phase we’ll be working on the feedback of the testers, while adding more content and new mechanics into the game.

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