Project Nebula Periodic Report #3

  • Report Name : Project Nebula (NFT collectible game)
  • Reporting Period : 2020.12.21 - 2021.01.20
  • Report Description : Phase 3 (Resource transactions + exploration & movement) is partially completed.
  • Project Completion Percentage : 50%
  • Remaining Time to Completion : 2-3 months
  • Expected Results for the Next Period : Finalize MVP gameplay elements and start Beta testing.
  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project :

The third phase of this grant is completed with some changes in the timeline and order of developments. We have fallen slightly behind schedule due to doing some bigger updates to the game’s architectural build on this reporting period. However, we are planning to start beta testing within the next phase.

What has been done:

  1. Our planet presale ended and we opened our NFT Marketplace for all users on 06.01.20.

  2. Back-end developments :

  • User authentication:
    Additional layer of authentication that’s necessary for keeping users’ private information from being visible to others (as data stored on blockchain is public)

  • Hex exploration mechanics:
    Hexgrid UI improvements
    Hexgrid mechanics
    User hex visibility and exploration logic

  • Sector generation mechanics established:
    Generation of sectors and related hexes
    Generation of hex effects
    Placement of solar systems and other celestial objects

  • Architectural updates:
    Improved performance (Webpack bundling for Serverless functions and lambda optimization)
    Improved development workflow, including TypeScript support, offline local testing of AWS stack, various formatting, linting and testing improvements.
    Better scalability thanks to shared code and resources between microservices.
    Improved security (handling of environment variables moved from CloudFormation stack to AWS Secrets Manager)

  1. Additionally we opened our Discord channel and released several articles promoting ICON blockchain and NFTs.
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