POS Bakerz: P-Rep Proposal

POS Bakerz is a leading blockchain infrastructure provider with strong expertise in staking-as-a-service:

  • 160 clients
  • $2m assets under staking
  • 5 protocols and counting: Tezos, Cosmos, Terra Money, Irisnet, Algorand, etc.
  • Already $50K+ interests redistributed

At POS Bakerz, the whole team is very optimistic about the future of Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. We believe it can improve the distribution of wealth and leads us towards a better-decentralized future while being energy-efficient and thus sustainable. We’ve also identified ICON as one of the strongest protocols with high chance to thrive in the next year and we are looking forward to contributing to the maintenance, decentralization and hyperconnection potential of this wonderful network.


Our proposal for the ICON Community is organized around 6 key points, and we’ve already started working on some of these yes

  • Highly Reliable Infrastructure
  • Strong Track-Record
  • Helpful Product Development
  • Community Enhancement
  • Transparent Governance Involvement
  • Giving Back to the Ecosystem

1) Highly Reliable Infrastructure

A P-Rep has a responsibility to keep the network stable through block creation and verification. To achieve this, POS Bakerz is committed to maintain secure sufficient servers and continue to expand its technical infrastructure in line with the growth of the network.

We plan to construct our servers in a sentry architecture, using a diversified panel of leading cloud providers (Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS) and Tier-3 data centers for our highly secured physical servers. Thanks to in-house monitoring tools and redundancy at the sentry and physical level, we will ensure high uptime, security against attacks (DDOS, hacks), and upgrade our specifications to sustain the growth of the network.

Specifics :

  • Tier 3 datacenter for physical device
  • At least 3 sentries in different regions

2) Strong Track-Record

POS Bakerz has built a successful track record in the validation business, as highlighted by our presence and stats on major protocols including Tezos, Cosmos, Irisnet, Terra Money or even Algorand. We look forward to leveraging on our experience with these protocols to become an ICON P-Rep.

Our expertise has been widely recognized by our partners and the press. We are now incubated at The Family, a leading European incubator, and are part of tech startup programs at leading cloud providers, discussing best practices regularly with them in regards to server architecture. POS Bakerz has also been mentioned and interviewed by DefiPrime as one of the leading staking-as-a-service providers. Furthermore, we have built many guides and tools for token holders on other protocols, which have been shared on leading blockchain media, and we look forward to bringing the same kind of educational contributions and reach to the ICON community.

Specifics :

  • 160 clients
  • $2m assets under staking
  • 5 protocols and counting: Tezos, Cosmos, etc.
  • Already $50K+ interests redistributed

3) Helpful Product Development

ICON Network being an open-source network, it is the responsibility of the community and the P-Reps to ensure that it will thrive. Our team has been building and contributing to DeFi tools for the past 2 years, most notably by building one Crypto Traded Indice exchange, and also a Tezos delegator dashboard. We would like to contribute to the ICON network by first building tools for the community: First with a delegator dashboard, and then contributing to the overall DeFi ecosystem on ICON. We have nice ideas in mind, especially in the Decentralized Asset Management landscape.

Specifics :

  • Creation of a delegator dashboard to track your holdings and rewards
  • Towards Decentralized Asset Management

4) Community Enhancement

Communities are key to the good Health of a blockchain network, our plan will be both to reinforce the links between the active community members and seek new ICON developers and users. We plan to develop the ICON Europe community, and we have already made steps in this direction, for example via the “ICON Europe” Telegram group (http://t.me/IconEurope), where ICON developers, token holders and supporters can chat and interact to whatever is related to ICON. Additionally, being present in both London and Paris, we will take the lead on organizing meetups in these areas, educating the locals about ICON. Finally, our focus has always revolved around educating crypto and non-crypto users. Our Medium will have a new ICON section, and we hope that the educational content that we produce for ICON will get the attention of the blockchain media (https://medium.com/posbakerz).


  • Animation of the ICON Europe Telegram Community channel
  • Strong commitment to be active on social media, blogs, and forum
  • Organization of meet-ups and events in Europe
  • A series of articles explaining what makes ICON so unique

5) Transparent Governance Involvement

As a representative of the ICON Network, a P-Rep can suggest various network policies and derive agreements based on its network authority. In the same context, we will implement a transparent governance policy, with the goal to clearly state and explain why we believe that a proposal can enhance the ICON Network.

Specifics :

  • We tell you what we vote for and why
  • A thorough explanation of each of our voting decisions

6) Giving Back to the Ecosystem

A strong community of developers and product builders will greatly contribute to the growth of the ICON ecosystem. We believe that P-Rep, being elected by the community, have a strong role in ensuring that this ecosystem grows. As such, we will also reinvest a portion of our fees towards the development of projects built using ICON.

More info can be found here : https://icon.community/iconsensus/candidates/103/