Please...need help finding/moving my ICX

Can someone please help me access my ICX, or point me to someone who can help?

I can see my ICX on Icontracker. But I cannot see them when I try to use the Iconex Chrome extension connected to my Ledger… I keep getting an error saying it won’t connect to Ledger (even when I have the ICON applet loaded on my Ledger).

Can you please help me access my ICX in a way that allows me to transfer them to a user-friendly wallet.

Thank you.

Hi, have you tried using MyIconWallet instead with your ledger?

Thank you for the suggestion… unfortunately that doesn’t work. The only place I can view my ICX is Icontracker ( In the ICONex Chrome extension and myiconwallet, I see 0 ICX.

A few more questions:
How about the Hana browser extension?
Are you selecting the right wallet with your ledger?
Is your ICX staked ICX (sICX)? If it is you may have to add the token contract to the wallet ICON Tracker


Thanks for your reply. About your questions:

  1. I just tried Hana, and same story… I see 0 ICX there. The only place I can view my ICX is ICON Tracker - see uploaded screen-capture (hopefully you can see that)

  2. About the only thing I seem to be able to do on Ledger is open the ICON applet on my Ledger device. But with that open, I can see no ICX, and when I try to add ICX as a Ledger Live account, it does not show up in the Ledger Live search results. A Ledger support article says ICX is not supported in Ledger Live.

  3. My ICX is not staked.

Thanks again for your help so far… any other suggestions?

OK this seems to be something related to your ledger.

Was this wallet address that you’ve taken a screenshot of above generated on your ledger or is this a wallet you created before the purchase of your ledger?

If it was generated by your ledger follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you are using the Brave browser.

  2. Disconnect from all ICON applications and all wallets in your browser.

  3. Clear all cache.

  4. Unlock ledger and open the ICON application.

  5. Go to and hit unlock existing wallet.

  6. Click the ledger button and follow the connection steps.

Let me know how you get on.

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