Picxel.co - Co-create & Interpret minimal art on the blockchain

Hey guys,
Long time iconist, first time posting here.
Although i’m not asking for any sort of funding, i thought the project would get the most exposure & feedback here.

together with a friend (former colleague), we want to create a small quirky NFT project, built on the ICON network, and would like to hear some thoughts and ideas, before actually building the product.
Trying to get a sense of things before putting in the development work.

So, Picxel.co is a platform where users co-create digital minimal art on the blockchain, by painting in different styles one picxel at a time.

After a certain % of the board is completed (picxels are painted).
Then the board gets published, each contributor getting his/hers own certificate of ownership as an NFT.

After the board is published, users can interpret the minimal art, with their own words.
In this process, user who minted the board with his/her own title, will get a collectible, in the form of an NFT, representing [board]+[interpretation].

The NFT created can then further be collected by other Picxel community members.

  • cost to paint 1 picxel = 1 ICX
  • cost to mint board with your own title = 3icx
  • cost to collect NFTs created by others = 2 icx

Board contributors will receive ICX when someone mints the board with a new title, or when someone creates a copy of an already existing [board]+[interpretation].

People who mint a board with their own interpretation receive an NFT with that interepretation + ICX when someone else collects their board (by minting an extra copy of that NFT)

Would love to hear some thoughts about this.

*screenshots are from figma.
*my developer friend is quite interested in building this, but not yet fully committed. (thinking i can swing things around by showing some interest in the project from the community, if it exists


This is a cool idea. If you have the capacity, it would be really cool to create a marketplace like Artblocks and fxhash for generative art.