[Periodic Report] Optimus Yield Optimizer Report #4

Report Name:

Development of Optimus - ICON Yield Optimizer - Report #4

Report Period:

February 14 - March 14

Report Description:

This report aims to highlight the works accomplished during the 4th month of our 5 month project to develop Optimus - ICON Yield Optimizer. The key focus of this period was improvement on UI/UX flow, contract security & interface enhancement, price chart data feed from backend services.

Project Completion Percentage:

67 %

Remaining Time:

1 month

Expected Results For The Next Period:

(1) Testing:

  1. Integration with Balanced public testnet contracts.
  2. Testnet integration for public user testing.

(2.) Core smart contract functions:

  1. Deposit to Balanced pool as a LP.
  2. Gather and withdraw rewards.

(3) UI/UX improvements:

  1. Ledger integration.
  2. Price chart data feed from AMMs & Oracles.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  1. Protocol whitepaper (v1.1 draft): https://techiast.atlassian.net/l/c/8jYnaqDc
  2. Optimus prototype website: https://optimus.finance:
  3. Core smart contract functions: https://bitbucket.org/techiast/optimus-vaults/src/master/
  4. Backend services: https://bitbucket.org/techiast/optimus-woker/src/master/
  5. Public development progress report: https://techiast.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=10003
  6. Public ticketing system: https://techiast.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals

Thank you for your time,

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Thank you for your effort

Hi I created an Atlassian account so I could view the docs that were linked like the whitepaper draft and public development report but it says I don’t have access to them? How can I get around this?


Hi Ed! The team had to prioritize balancedDAO’s launch so we temporarily closed access. We need to update a few things before we can open access again as some things became outdated as we were developing.

Thanks for your reply, there has been a lot of activity an excitement around the BalancedDAO launch so that is understandable. I look forward to reading about recent developments soon.

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This summer will be very eventful for ICON :slight_smile:

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@ICONDAO how can i get in touch with you? we are keen to have you on Eye on Icon to talk about this project. Please let me know.

Thank you

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