[Periodic Report] OpenDevICON (ODI) Continuing Development ( Month 3 )

Report Name:

OpenDevICON Continuing Development Month 3

Reporting Period:

2020.10.12 - 2020.11.12

Report Description:

In this phase, the following tasks were completed.

Video: Band Protocol Oracle Integration

Video : Magic Link demo app tutorial

Marketing / Promotions Blog Posts

Collaboration with other ICON tutorial authors

Project Completion Percentage:

100%, completed all tasks planned for this period (Month 3).

Remaining Time to Completion:


Expected Results for Next Period:

All the objectives mentioned in the grant application reached.

Summary of Materials Produced Last Period:

The output from the work completed last month is summarized below.

Video: Band Protocol Oracle Integration:

Demo Video for integrating Band Protocol Oracle in SCORE and how band protocol was used to integrate data out of ICON blockchain in our SCORE.

Link: https://bit.ly/35dNgik

Video : Magic Link demo dApp tutorial:

Link: https://bit.ly/2U9iuAB

Blog Posts:

  1. Bandprotocol Oracle integration - https://bit.ly/32uYMUF
  2. Distributions and integer math for zero dust - https://bit.ly/2Inr5gJ
  3. What is the snapshot token and how does the snapshotting of token balances at a specific point in time work? - https://bit.ly/2UbET0k
  4. How to make use of the token SCOREs in the ODI library? - https://bit.ly/3ld6ASk

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