[Periodic Report] OpenDevICON (ODI) Continuing Development ( Month 2 )

Report Name:

OpenDevICON Continuing Development Month 2

Reporting Period:

2020.09.12 - 2020.10.12

Report Description:

In this phase, the following tasks were completed.

  1. IRC16 Library available on ODI github repo.

    • IRC16
    • IRC16 Capped
    • IRC16 Pausable
    • IRC16 Controllable
  2. Cleanup and testing of SCORE Libraries.

  3. Added features for Jupyter Notebook autofill

  4. Band Protocol Oracle Integration.

Project Completion Percentage:

66%, completed all tasks planned for this period (Month 2).

Remaining Time to Completion:

1 month

Expected Results for Next Period:

At the end of the next month i.e. the milestone phase, video for the Magic Link Demo app and video for Band Protocol Oracle Integration will be made. Marketing and promotions of SCORE development in ICON via blog posts and collaboration with ICON tutorial authors will be done.

Summary of Materials Produced Last Period:

The output from the work completed last month is summarized below. It includes the IRC16 Library and jupyter-notebook autofill methods for easy interaction with SCORE.

IRC16 Library:

Just like the IRC2 and IRC3 library, we have initiated a SCORE library for Partially Fungible Tokens as well. We have created an IRC16 Library based on IIP16 standard, that will support creation of IRC16 tokens providing additional functionality than IRC16 standard.

  • IRC16 Capped Token
  • IRC16 Controllable Token
  • IRC16 Pausable Token

Band Protocol Oracle Integration:

The DICE smart contract requires a random number to select a winner. We utilize Band Protocol’s random number Oracle script (id = 11) which queries Australia’s National University Quantum Random Number API to obtain a random number. This random number obtained is used to determine the winning number which is used to check which side of the DICE is facing up rather than using UNIX timestamp to do so. It is deployed in the yeouido testnet. This demo app can be tested here.

Jupyter Notebook Autofill:

For the last month, jupyter notebook interaction was available for yeouido testnet only. Currently, it supports all the testnets as well as mainnet. We just need to specify the network while calling the method.