[Periodic Report] ICX Risk-free Staking Lottery - Report #2

Hi everybody,

Please see below details about our progress on the ICX risk-free staking lottery. This is the second report for the period 2020/09/27 to 2020/10/27.

Report Name:

$ICX risk-free staking lottery Progress Report #2

Report Period:

September 27 to October 27 (1 month)

Report Description:

This report is a summary of our achievements over the first reporting period and lays out the next steps. Main achievements in this period include:

  • Finished testing the smart-contract and deployed it on Mainnet

  • Launched the $ICX risk-free lottery

  • Wallet compatibility with Iconex and MyIconWallet

  • Successful launch giveaway campaign with 1,141 participants

  • Organized 2 successful draws with already more than $ICX 4,000 won by participants

  • $ICX 48,440 TVL in smart-contract

  • 259 unique lottery participants

  • Listed as 3rd Dapp in ICON blockchain category on StateOfTheDapps

Overall Project Completion Percentage:

This project, which had initially started in April 2020 with help from Velic Financial, is now approaching 95% completion for the first phase.

The next month will be dedicated to onboarding more users, marketing, and improvements based on user feedback. Notably, we are currently working on Ledger wallet compatibility.

Remaining Time To Completion:

1 period: 1 month

Expected Results For The Next Period

  • At least 500 users

  • At least $ICX 150,000 TVL in the smart-contract

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