[Periodic Report] ICX Lossless Staking Lottery - Report #4

Hi everybody,

Please see below details about our progress on the $ICX Lossless lottery v2. This is the third report for the period 2021/02/15 to 2021/03/15.

Report Name:

$ICX Lossless lottery v2 - Report #4

Report Period:

February 15 to March 15 (1 month)

Report Description:

This report is a summary of our achievements over the reporting period and lays out the next steps. Main achievements in this period include:

  • Add data display (# players, tickets, prize stats) on the landing page
  • Added odds of winning % chance of buy ticket process
  • Added lootbox details in popup
  • Testing of smart-contract interactions
  • Testing of front-end display

Overall Project Completion Percentage:

The $ICX Lossless lottery v2 project, which initially started in December 2020, is now 85% complete.

When testing the smart-contract, a few bugs and challenges appeared.

  1. It appeared that consolation prizes could still go to the same Big Prize winner, while the goal of these prizes is to offer other players a chance to win, a potentially increase the overall win% chance of all the users, especially once the whale ones have won something. We’ve added a condition that the same address cannot get more than one prize per draw.
  2. IRC2 and IRC3 not being distributed: we are still further testing sending IRC2 and IRC3 as sponsor rewards to the smart-contract

Remaining Time To Completion:

1 month, no period left as per grant. We are a bit delayed as we discovered a few errors and enhancements as mentioned above when testing the smart-contract. We’re looking forward to improving these quickly, testing and releasing them as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are already pushing to involve the community in prize sponsoring, and cannot wait to offer some nice IRC2 and IRC3 NFTs in the future draws!

Expected Results For The Next Period

  • Tested front-end and smart-contract
  • Deployment of v2

Materials proving progress

https://dev-lottery.netlify.app/home -> this page is only for testing and sharing progress, do not use it to play the noloss lottery game

Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for your effort

It took us a bit longer than expected to launch the v2 as we were testing and correcting for some tiny fixes. :rocket:

The v2 of the ICX staking noloss lottery is now live: https://twitter.com/StakinOfficial/status/1389255191665459205?s=20