[Periodic Report] ICX Lossless Staking Lottery - Report #3

Hi everybody,

Please see below details about our progress on the ICX risk-free staking lottery. This is the third report for the period 2020/10/28 to 2020/11/28.

Report Name:

$ICX risk-free staking lottery Progress Report #3

Report Period:

October 28 to November 28 (1 month)

Report Description:

This report is a summary of our achievements over the third reporting period and lays out the next steps. Main achievements in this period include:

  • Collected feedbacks and started prioritizing development for Lossless lottery v2
  • Improved wallet connectivity and added Ledger wallet option in Web app. The Dapp is now compatible with all main ICON wallets: Iconex, MyIconWallet, Ledger

Overall Project Completion Percentage:

The first phase of this project is now 100% complete.

We are falling short of our initial target in the number of users and $ICX TVL in smart-contract, but are excited to further iterate on the product through the v2 project.

Remaining Time To Completion:


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