[Periodic Report] $ICX Lossless lottery v2 - Report #1

Hi everybody,

Please see below details about our progress on the $ICX Lossless lottery v2. This is the first report for the period 2020/12/01 to 2020/12/15.

Report Name:

$ICX Lossless lottery v2 - Report #1

Report Period:

December 1 to December 15 (15 days)

Report Description:

This report is a summary of our achievements over the first reporting period and lays out the next steps. Main achievements in this period include:

  • Started the design of new features on User Interface
  • Started smart-contract development to include new prizes

Overall Project Completion Percentage:

The $ICX Lossless lottery v2 project, which initially started in December 2020, is now 20% complete.

We will be organizing a giveaway for Christmas with the goal to increase the current user base and keep iterating on smart-contract development over the next month.

Remaining Time To Completion:

3 period: 3 months

Expected Results For The Next Period

  • At least 1,000 participants in Christmas giveaway
  • End of design
  • Smart-contract ready for testing

Materials proving progress

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