[Periodic Report] Bounty Cat - Incentivized Promotions & Marketing Report #5 FINAL

Report Name:
Bounty Cat - Incentivized Promotions & Marketing

Reporting Period:
2020.03.13 - 2021.04.13

Report Description:
This is the Bounty Cat periodic progress report for the March/April development schedule covering project objectives for phase 1 of the Bounty Cat development project.

Front end and back end integration with TEST scores has begun and additional backend and front end enhancements have been made. Further integration and testing of ICONex and SCORE functionality will continue throughout April.

Unfortunately, the targeted launch date of May will likely not be achieved. Integration with Bridge is required to launch Bounty Cat and bridge is still pending release. However further integration, refinement and testing of the product and existing functionality will continue in the mean time.

Tasks completed
*Creation of user “convert now” functionality to convert BOUNTY into ICX and other stable coin assets in place on front and back end.
*Partial integration of BOUNTY Token score mint and burn functionality
*Partial integration of BOUNTY_MANAGER score has been completed
*Additional social media integration with Twitter has been completed

Project Completion Percentage:

Remaining Time to Completion:
1.5 Months

Expected Results for the Next Period:
*Integration with Bridge App (Tentative)
*Integration with Balanced (for ICX/bnUSD conversion) implemented in SCORE
*Finalized testing of front and back end SCORE integrations and functionality
*SCORE Audits

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
BOUNTY Token SCORE (yeuodio): cx8a59c1a1706df21a061882eb36d3b215e84f26ec
Bounty Manager SCORE (yeuodio): cxd4784e30e6d34efeed1cf1aca6145a213e4d6eb0

The completed features can be seen and used at [https://bountycat.com]
(https://bountycat.com/) (Many features require account registration via email, currently).