[Periodic Report] Bounty Cat - Incentivized Promotions & Marketing Report #4

Report Name:
Bounty Cat - Incentivized Promotions & Marketing

Reporting Period:
2020.02.13 - 2021.03.13

Report Description:
This is the Bounty Cat periodic progress report for the February/March development schedule covering project objectives for phase 1 of the Bounty Cat development project.

Development on front and back end application infrastructure continued this cycle as user interfaces are refined and additional features and functionality have been completed. The demo is nearing a completed state as we finalize the rewards, account management and promoter management features. The back end API has been largely completed and work on both the SCOREs required to support both the BOUNTY token and Bounty Promotions have been uploaded to test. Continued testing and iterative development is expected on both the SCORE and the integrating components of the front end through this month and into April.

Unfortunately our plans to begin integration with the Bridge APP have been delayed until early access to the application API is available from the team. Other development items have been prioritized in the mean time.

Tasks completed
*Promoters can now fully manage their profile information, assign social media handles and add and update profile elements including their logos.
*Bounties are now fully manageable and integration with the SCORE functionality is in progress.
*Reward creation and configuration back end is complete.
*BOUNTY token SCORE is completed on TEST net
*Bounty Manager SCORE is in development and partially completed on TEST net
*Front end support for claiming bounties and rewards has been partially implemented.
*Front end support for social media has been partially implemented.
*Crypto address management for users and promoters has been completed.

Project Completion Percentage:

Remaining Time to Completion:
2.5 Months

Expected Results for the Next Period:
*Finalized and tested SCORE on test net
*Full integration with BOUNTY Token and Bounty Manager SCORE to application back ends
*Full integration with ICONex to interact with application and SCORE functionality on the front end.
*Testable social media integrations (ability to share promotions through the application)
*Initial integration and testing for payment processing through Bridge App (Tentative)

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
BOUNTY Token SCORE (yeuodio): cx8a59c1a1706df21a061882eb36d3b215e84f26ec
Bounty Manager SCORE (yeuodio): cxd4784e30e6d34efeed1cf1aca6145a213e4d6eb0

The completed features can be seen and used at [https://bountycat.com]
(https://bountycat.com/) (Many features require account registration via email, currently).

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