P-REP Proposal; ICON, 20% exposure in top crypto event of 2020, reach 100+ universities/corporate partners (BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD), organized by MouseBelt


Event site: https://www.ri2020.io/
Event date: May 18th, 2020
P-PREP Commitment Date: April 30th, 2020
Telegram: @markusreisner

We believe we have a strong proposition to market ICON in a meaningful way to some of the largest communities in crypto.

The MouseBelt team has the largest global network of over 100+ universities in 20+ countries. Over the last few months, 10+ university blockchain events we were working with got canceled for obvious reasons.

Due to that fact, and our understanding of our reach we decided to launch a virtual conference. Since April 10th here is what happened:

  • We have enrolled over 100+ partners and universities
  • With BlockTV’s distribution (we are taking over the site for 1+ months) and our post-conference strategy, this content will reach 5+ million views
  • Over 5000 people have registered between Eventbrite and Facebook (with 21 days to go, we expect 20,000 people registered)
  • We have invested $70,000 to professionally produce this 72-hour event with BlockTV
  • We believe we have surpassed Cointelegraph and Consensus in reach and production quality.
  • We believe this is the #1 conference in crypto currently.

MouseBelt will invest over $70k+ into this event. We would like to have fellow P-Reps invest $20k (this will go 100% to BlockTV production cost).

The benefit to the ICON community will be:

  • Owning 20% of the conference “screen time” at a 50% discount
  • Increased exposure to over 100+ top universities working on blockchain
  • Partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Coca Cola for one of our hackathon events (or similar).
  • We are open to adding as many additional benefits as possible as we are a part of the ICON community


MouseBelt is a popular blockchain ecosystem consisting of multiple parts:

MouseBelt as ICON developers:

Our engineering team has implemented token assets on ZenSports (SPORTS), the first STO on the ICON network, and GrowYourBase, the #1 IRC2 application token in market capitalization on the ICON network.

Currently, we are developing the Balanced network in concert with ICX_Station, PARROT9, and Iconosphere. Balanced will bring synthetic assets backed by ICX to the ICON network, as well as tokenized staked ICX. This can assist with both a stable asset for payments, and a base for other DeFi applications

MouseBelt as a P-Rep:

We have been a Main P-Rep for most of the time since decentralization of the network and so far had utilized our funds for student education.

Such as the “ICON in a box” workshops and the Milwaukee Blockchain Conference, which we sponsored in a direct ICX payment and the second annual payment for UCLA’s blockchain engineering course.

REIMAGINE2020, Conference details:

Conferences have always been an integral part of the blockchain space to promote projects in the industry.

With recent evolutions around the globe, things have changed. They either got canceled or delayed.

We have created REIMAGINE2020, a virtual conference.

Shared by the ICON Foundation on April 18.

We can effectively and efficiently promote ICON to the world through Reiamgine2020 | BlockTV. The driving force behind the conference is: highest quality of Content matched with the best production quality for Video. The funds will allow MouseBelt to promote ICON logo/branding throughout the conference/programming for straight 72 hr of live streaming. Additionally, we have the opportunity to properly place ICON logo/branding in highly favorable on-screen placements (tickers/commercials/plugs and continuous branding) reaching 5M viewers globally. ICX Station is providing a Keynote to drive global interest.

Confirmed partners

  • Industry: Blockchain Education Alliance (providing 1 keynote and 3 workshops each)
    • Corporate
      • Ing, Boeing, Coca Cola, AB Inbev, (in discussion with 20+ more over the next 3 weeks)
    • Blockchain
      • Nervos, ICON (Daeki Lee will be a speaker), Hedera Hashgraph, Emurgo, ETC Labs, IoTeX, Kucoin, Constellation, NEO, Matic, Ripple, NEM, Orbs, Wanchain, Ontology, Harmony, Stellar, Truffle Suite, etc
  • Education: 50+ Universities and student groups
  • Media:
    • BlockTV: Official co-producers of the event. They will assist us in creating and hosting content for a 72-hour live stream.
    • Crypto Briefing

Schedule & Format

  • 72 hour live stream (may be live or pre-recorded)
    • Premier Content - Facilitated/moderated and produced by BlockTV. Speakers and content provided by MouseBelt (ex: keynotes, panels, debates)
    • Events - BlockTV presents the segment. MouseBelt runs coverage of the event (ex: hackathon, pitch events, trading competition)
    • Additional Content - BlockTV provides up to 3 hours of additional content per day. More additional content provided by MouseBelt media partners (Interviews & Q&As)
  • One-off events running simultaneously to the livestream hosted by MouseBelt & partners
    • Workshops
    • 1:1 Networking
    • Invite-only VIP & student event

Production Status


In addition to the communities of our confirmed partners and universities we are targeting:

  • BlockTV - 1.7m weekly live viewers from over 60 countries
  • Crypto Media Partners - 300k+ community members in Facebook groups & listservs
  • MouseBelt University - 5,000 students from 100+ universities in 24 countries (58% developers)
  • Top 16 cities for blockchain meetups - Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, London, New York, Paris, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Seoul, Seattle, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, Zurich
  • Executives and investors from blockchain & non-blockchain companies like Mastercard, Budweiser, Draper, etc.
  1. Viewers - Tuning into the livestream, attending a workshop, or watching the content post-conference.
  1. Participants - Speakers, partners, and sponsors
  • 60 industry executives = BEA Members @ 3 speakers/workshops each
  • 18 university partners - USA, UK, Australia, Czech Republic, Ghana, Nigeria
  • Speakers include Hedera CMO, Emurgo CEO, Dr. Sadoghi at UC Davis and more…
  • Confirmed keynotes & workshops listed here
  • Influencers we are reaching out to: Chamath Palihapitiya, Adam Back, Ray Dalio, Andreessen Horowitz, Michael Novogratz, Naval Ravikant, Balaji S. Srinivasan, Su Zhu, Charlie Lee, Nick Szabo, Riccardo Spagni, Fred Wilson, Max Keiser, Winklevoss, Air Paul, Michael Arrington, Peter Schiff, Paolo Adroino, Elizabeth Stark, Marc Andreessen, A. Pompliano, Patrick Byrne, Brock Pierce, CZ, Vitalik, Andreas M. Antonopoulos
  1. As far as hard data for “attendees” we have two signals:
  • 5000+ attendees on Facebook and Eventbrite, with 3 weeks to go (13X MORE than Virtual Blockchain Week!)
  • Attendee list includes a mix of media, university representatives, C-level executives, developers, and startup founders

Hi @mouseBelt team.

This looks like a great opportunity to promote ICON and a great project, why you didn’t decide to apply for a grant from the foundation?

This is the perfect example of the type of projects that should be funded by the entire P-Rep community once we have the CPF but as of right now, I believe that the best way to have it funded may be a grant from the foundation.


Hi @espanicon

The driving force behind bringing this initiative to ICON P-Reps first has been the cancellation of Consensus and many P-Reps were planning to sponsor Consensus on behalf of ICON, now planning moving to a virtual version of that.

I also pinged all these P-Reps on TG separately.


Thank for the reply, it will be great to see this project come to fruition.

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For reference, we also started a grant application here.