P-Rep Governance Meeting #4

Dear P-Reps,

The previous 3 P-Rep Governance Meetings were helpful in pushing IISS 3.0 through. Again, thank you everyone for your time and contribution.

I’ll be scheduling P-Rep Governance Meeting #4 in coming weeks. Date/time is still undecided. Our team is currently working on an updated paper/details on Contribution Proposal System, which will be the main discussion topic.

There are other proposals that are in the early stages of development. We may include one or two into our discussion topic depending on the status.

Please add your discussion topic below for consideration. We’ll only consider formal proposals to be included in agenda for group discussion in this meeting. Formal proposals should be written in the forum as a new topic. Please include any supplementary materials such as links to Google Docs, blog posts, etc. that provide details on suggested solutions.

IISS 3.0 Proposal is a good example.

Thank you,




Date: May 29, 2020
Time Start: 15:00 Pacific Time (UTC 22:00)
Venue: Zoom Online Conferencing



  • Contribution Proposal System Paper (Link)
  • P-Rep Commission Rates (Link)
  • IISS Implementation Discussion (per Rhizome’s request - see below comment)


  1. Register ZOOM in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
  2. Test Your Equipment: Please dial-in 15 minutes prior to the meeting to test your video, microphone, raise hand feature, and internet connection.
  3. Video and Audio: Optional. This is your personal choice.
  4. Recording and Publishing: The meeting will be recorded and uploaded on ICON Foundation Youtube Channel for the community. By joining the video conference, the ICON Foundation reserves the right to record, publish, and distribution the video content.
  5. Language: English only.
  6. Moderator: The Foundation will moderate the discussion and control MUTE BUTTON. If you wish to speak, please use RAISE HAND feature. The moderator will select the speakers.
  7. Time Limit: Due to limited time and number of participants, please limit speaking to 1 time per topic and speaking time to 1 minute. You may speak again if everyone had a chance and if time permits.
  8. Speak Clearly: When speaking, please clearly state your position (AGREE or DISAGREE) and explain your reasoning.

Two topics from P-Reps for the upcoming meeting.

Set a Clear Schedule for IISS 3.0 Implementation and Launch

Current estimates for IISS 3.0 implementation present a timeframe between September and November 2020. In order to properly prepare for the launch of IISS 3.0, we request that the ICON Foundation provide a specific date or timeline for implementation and launch of IISS 3.0. Having a set launch schedule with plenty of notice is a standard when it comes to deploying significant software updates. Lastly, we request milestone dates for different pieces of IISS 3.0, such that we can test in parallel with development activities (see below item).

Action items for ICON:

  • Share specific details for IISS 3.0 implementation.

Create a Testing Environment for P-Reps to Get Familiar with CPF

A significant change such as IISS 3.0 should not be implemented without extensive testing by P-Reps. IISS 3.0 can be deployed on a testnet for P-Reps to interact with, learn, and test the features for 2-3 months before the software goes live. P-Reps can find potential bugs during testing and mitigate the risk of significant issues with the production launch. Further, this could also present ICON with the opportunity to create a testnet that reflects the mainnet for relevant testing. Until now, we have not performed an adequate stress test on the network, and most nodes are still unequipped with a rate limiting solution for security. We propose to wrap all of these things into one test period.

Action items for ICON:

  • Discuss deploying IISS 3.0 to testnet.
  • Design and execute stress tests for the network.
  • Finalize NGINX implementation for rate limiting/security.
  • With MyID coming up soon and potential consistent use of the public chain, we need to make sure the infrastructure is capable of handling high load. Right now, I don’t think any team is 100% sure of this.

Action items for P-Reps:

  • If testnet is deployed, participate with full node specs that reflect mainnet.
  • Test how rate limiting affects the network and success rate of transactions.
  • Develop alternate software firewall configs for rate limiting -> RHIZOME is using HAProxy in production right now.

Thanks for submitting new topics for the P-Rep Governance Meeting. It’s much appreciated and I hope more P-Reps can submit topics in the future. I added “IISS 3.0 Implementation” to the agenda.

1) Set a Clear Schedule for IISS 3.0 Implementation and Launch - I’m not really sure how much discussion we can have around this in the meeting. This appears to be a request to the foundation. All I can answer right now is that we’ll provide better timeline when we can. I, more than anyone, would like a clear schedule with these developments but we’ve learned that it’s not possible, especially when you’re working with cutting-edge tech with no precedents. ICON is the first to attempt CPS and it’s no easy task.

2) Create a Testing Environment for P-Reps to Get Familiar with CPF - Again, I’m not sure what can be discussed here. I’m sure our team will provide an appropriate rollout plans when the time comes. The discussion should be much more effective when there’s a plan out for everyone to discuss. There are plenty of other areas that our team is prioritizing at the moment. But, it’s good that you are thinking ahead and I’m sure @Bongan will take this request and incorporate some of it into the rollout plan.

Generally, we’d like to prioritize topics w/ a proposal that Main P-Reps can have a good discussion/feedback session prior to official voting. But, I’ll do my best to include other non-proposal topics like these if time permits.

Thanks @minhx! I am glad to hear that ICON will make an effort to provide a timeline. Regarding the testing environment, perhaps the original message was a bit unclear. A few other teams I spoke to suggested replicating CPF in a testnet environment for P-Reps to get familiar with that process.

If such a testnet were to happen, I wanted to suggest making it a full blown testnet that we could use for a scheduled load test with production-level hardware – we would likely need assistance from ICON in organizing such a test similar to how Dr. ICON and @Bongan helped out last time. The only time we had a load test was close to the initial decentralization, and the network stalled and crashed – so I hope there is some kind of testing phase built into the rollout of IISS 3.0. Seems like it would be the perfect time to test things.

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We will be attending - I would be grateful if you could send us the invite.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with the wider PRep Community and the Foundation.


Hey Reda - you need to register here

We will be joining the meeting as well to have a fruitful discussion around the agenda :

  • Contribution Proposal System Paper
  • P-Rep Commission Rates
  • IISS Implementation Discussion