P-rep Governance Meeting #3

P-Rep Governance Meeting #3

Meeting Details

  • Date: April 17, 2020
  • Time Start : 15:00 Seoul (UTC 6:00)
  • Time End : 17:00 Seoul (UTC 8:00)
  • Venue: Zoom Online Conferencing

Zoom Instructions

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

  • IISS 3.0 Revision
  • (Please suggest topics for discussion)

Meeting Instructions

  1. Test Your Equipment: Please dial-in 15 minutes prior to the meeting to test your video, microphone, raise hand feature, and internet connection.
  2. Video and Audio: Optional. This is your personal choice.
  3. Recording and Publishing: The meeting will be recorded and uploaded on Youtube for the community. By joining the video conference, the ICON Foundation reserves the right to record, publish, and distribution the video content.
  4. Language: English only.
  5. Moderator: The Foundation will moderate the discussion and control MUTE BUTTON. If you wish to speak, please use RAISE HAND feature. The moderator will select the speakers.
  6. Time Limit: Due to limited time and number of participants, please limit speaking to 1 time per topic and speaking time to 1 minute. You may speak again if everyone had a chance and if time permits.
  7. Speak Clearly: When speaking, please clearly state your position (AGREE or DISAGREE) and explain your reasoning.

Are the revision for the IISS 3.0 going to be published before the meeting so we can read them before hand?


Yes, that is the goal…


Thank you Min. Very excited about reading the revisions.


Dont forget to record it this time :wink:


So far 7 people are registered. Please take this opportunity to participate in ICON governance and let ICON holders to know what your team is up to!


Great! Ubik will be there. Looking forward to the discussion.

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Looking forward to it :ok_hand:

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ICONVIET will be there.

Everstake will be there

Team @ICONPLUS will be there.

I Look forward to the meeting. Thanks for all of your effort ICON Foundation!

block42 will be there, looking forward to the meeting and thanks for the time rotation this time.

iBriz-ICONOsphere will be there, looking forward to the meeting.

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Has the revision been published somewhere ?

Not yet but @Benny_Options gave some updates on Twitter about several topics


Yep! Should facilitate a good discussion


Please go through this proposal before the meeting. So we can discuss during the meeting.

Piconbello will be there