P-Rep Contributions on the Voting Screen in ICONex

Discussed at ICON P-Rep Weekly Meeting #1

The overall consensus is that the voting process needs to be improved. The current voting interface does not include a feature that educates voters on the various teams. Initially, this was not too big of an issue. Recently, the number of P-Rep teams have risen to 100+, so there needs to be a overhaul of the voting UI.

Some ideas that were presented in the meeting…

  • Add some kind of notifaction and other “helper texts” that walk new voters through some basic facts about the ICON network (e.g. voters will receive the same rewards regardless of what P-Rep they vote for).
  • Add additional registration variable to point to a list of contributions on the ICON tracker.
  • Allowing P-Reps to specify the niche they are in (e.g. business dev, marketing, development, etc.) and making those niches visible on the voting interface. If any ICONist is interested in voting for a business development P-Rep, then they can click on the business development niche and select a team.
  • Anything we can do will be an improvement over the current interface which does not provide any context to the voting process.
  • Parrot9 mentioned they are working with ICON Foundation to improve UX. Let’s keep discuss this and push for a UI improvement to address the voting flow.

Just to be clear, nothing is official - the ICON Foundation wants to test a prototype first.

We don’t have an ETA for this yet, but as a refresher, here’s what we’ve done so far:

Voting could be ICON’s killer DApp. Here’s how to design it.

Hopefully that gives you a good idea of where we’re going with this. Any feedback is welcome, as we all benefit from a better product.


That looks amazing! Great job guys!

The only thing that I think that might be missing (not sure if it should be there at all though) is some kind of status or a warning in regards to the current prep productivity. I saw that there was a recent comment from Icon that they are discussing the removal of the productivity penalty though, so that might not be necessary at all…

This is amazing. Desperately need something like this. Foundation has to implement reviews though, we should be able to give these P-reps ratings.

Yes, I recall seeing this awhile back. Thank you for the refresh! Is a similar UI being proposed to the Chrome wallet for desktop as well?

This looks much improved!