P-Rep Community Meeting Topics - March 7, 2020

The next P-Rep Community Meeting will be held on March 7, 2020. Please submit topics for discussion in this thread.


I think It would be great if we talk about Consensus and give a quick overview of the amount of teams participating and what are the plans

Since governance was a big subject this week we should cover that point also

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Great idea on the Consensus recap.

Can you share some questions for discussion about governance? I think it’s better if we have specific questions to tackle rather than leaving it open ended. Thanks!

I was thinking along the lines of:

  • what can we do to improve vote stagnancy. Motivate #ICONist to not just vote and forget but to be more involve in the community and delegate to active teams

  • Given what happened with the STEEM community how are we prepare for an scenario such as that, what is stopping let’s say Binance to create a node self vote and basically control the network, but this point is better to be discussed after the release of IISS 3.0.

Another point that I would like to touch is on the idea of creating a guideline for all P-Reps to follow in terms of disclosing data for transparency while at the same time protecting personal and sensible information about the teams

Right now each team is doing their own stuff on how to tackle this (with in my opinion the @ICONationTeam leading the way on this) and that’s OK, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that but an overall guideline or recommendation for all of us to follow would help so we can all be on the same page on this.

I’m in hospital the day before, but will endeavour to make it (form permitting). Looking forward to it.


about governance and what people think about that suggestion I post

I explain some of the reasoning here Discussion about governance in ICON

Looking forward to it! Lots to share about our Consensus plans. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it as well!

Thank you again everyone!