P-Rep Community Meeting Topics - April 4, 2020

The next P-Rep Community Meeting will be held on April 4, 2020. Please submit topics for discussion in this thread.


Hello everyone!.

As commented by @ICONPLUS on our last meeting, it will be great to start with a small recap of the subject discussed on our last meeting, with that in mind:

  • A quick summary about CONSENSUS being virtual now and what plans does the teams involved have.

  • Now that IISS 3.0 is out an important subject to talk about is exactly this, what are our impressions about it, what modifications are we proposing and whats our overall opinion about it.

  • I’ve seen recently a couple of teams having troubles with nodes getting out of sync If someone in the meeting had this issue and found a solution it would be great to share their experience on it and what recommendations do they have about it (this might be too technical so if you like we can leave it out of the discussion)

As a note, I would like to share to all the teams that they can set up ZOOM to show your P-Rep team logo, so if anyone is not going to share live video they can configure ZOOM to show their logo :+1:


I also encourage to take a quick look at IISS 3.0


@espanicon @Everstake Thank you for submitting topics. Great list, we will add these to this week’s meeting topics and any additional ones that are submitted before Friday.

Time of the meeting will be the same as usual, 1800 EST/1700 CST Saturday.

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ICON4Education is going to do our best to make this meeting. Can you send me an invite link?

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