Optimus Phase 1 | Smart Contract Audit Request

Quotation from SlowMist Audit Team:

Project: Optimus

Type: DeFi

Code Lines: 3743

Complexity: Medium

Audit Workload: 8 working days

Audit Scope:

  1. Review known attack methods in the vulnerability list during the contract code audit process.
  2. Analyze the implementation of each function method in the contract code to understand the business logic of the project.
  3. Evaluate the call chain of the code by analyzing the visibility of the function method and the calling process, and mine potential security risks, weaknesses, enhancements, etc.
  4. Use the analysis results of points “2” and “3” to write test scripts and test in the testnet environment using the gray box perspective.
  5. Conduct multiple deductions of the project’s economic model and business design as well as analyze the business risks that may exist in various scenarios for assessment.

Total is $18,400 USDT

Thank you for your application - it is approved. Please contact me on telegram for next steps.