Open call to all P-Reps interested in having articles or tutorials translated into Spanish

Hello everyone!.

My name is Fidel, I’m a long time ICONist and recent P-Rep (Espanicon), I have been participating in the Telegram channels for a little over 2 years now.

Being part of the community as an ICONist during this time inspired me to be more involved and to give back, so I decided to do my part and help the community grow (even if just a little).

My motivation for becoming a P-Rep is to start creating content in Spanish to start breaking that language barrier and create more awareness of the entire ICON Ecosystem in Spanish speaking communities.

I’m a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English (CEFR level C1 measured by the IELTS test) and I would like to work with any P-Rep that is currently focusing on content creation.

I’m well aware of the ICON Comunity Grant Program, and although I believe that content creation in Spanish is important, I decided not to apply to the grant program because I feel those resources at this point could be better allocated into more concerning projects.

My proposal is as follows if you are a content creator P-Rep that is interested in having some of your articles or tutorials related to ICON translated into Spanish simply contact me and lets work together. So far I’m planning on doing this the following way:

  • If your content is text-based (for example blog posts in Medium), I would do the translation and then we both can publish the content in our respective social media accounts with the proper attribution (You as the creator and me as the translator).
  • If your content is video and you would like subtitles in Spanish, depending on the length of the video I can also do the transcription and give you transcription and translation so you can put it in your video. In this case, I will be putting a little note at the end saying that I did the translation, or we can work out some way to give me a shoutout.

Thank you for reading this proposal, I’m really excited to start working together with you all on this!.