Noob Questions: Inactive holder since ICO, need guidance on Wallets / Staking / ICE Airdrop etc

Hi all, I have been a long time holder of ICON (since ICO) however when the market crashed in 2018 I have been very inactive and had all my coins split between ICONEX and Binance. I’ve recently consolidated it all in Binance but I’m thinking that might be a silly idea after trawling through some of the discussions in Reddit. I have a few questions if you could please assist:

  1. What is the best wallet to use? (Also is Hana & MyIconWallet the same thing or different altogether)
  2. What is the best method of staking?
  3. What is the benefit of this ICE airdrop? (I have my coins in Binance, also which wallet would be adhering to the airdrop)

Also one last more hypothetical question…
4) What are the price projections of ICX & ICE?

Hi Chekhov, welcome back to Icon. I think you’d do yourself a big favour by joining the Icon Discord server ( ICON ) where questions like this would get more response as this forum is geared more towards proposals and discussions of Icon development.

You can stake your Icon through both MyIconwallet and Hana. Please feel free to have a chat on Discord about your other questions, there are specific channels for ICE, Icon 2.0 etc.

Hope that helps