NodeJS terminal app for cross-chain transaction [ICON RFP]

NodeJS terminal app for cross-chain transaction


Cross-chain technologies are an essential component of the blockchain landscape, as they help to create a more connected and efficient ecosystem for blockchain applications. In addition to addressing the scalability and security issues that are inherent in some blockchain networks, cross-chain technologies enable the sharing of resources between different chains, which helps in improving the overall performance of the blockchain ecosystem. ICON Network hopes to create a more unified blockchain ecosystem, and as such certain steps need to be taken to facilitate this goal securely while allowing the network to benefit from improved access to liquidity, security, and the scalability of being an interoperable network.

As an additional step towards this goal, we submit this proposal for the development of a NodeJS terminal application that will enable users to execute cross-chain transactions between Binance Smart Chain and ICON Main Network using ICON Bridge JS SDK.
RFP Official Detail:
Nodejs terminal app for cross-chain transaction

ICON Bridge JS SDK by Espanicon

Scope of work

Our proposed Node.js terminal application will enable users to interact between Binance Smart Chain and ICON Main Network and execute cross-chain transactions. This project requires leveraging the ICON Bridge JS SDK for cross-chain transactions to ensure the highest level of reliability and security. The following are the major requirements for this application:

  1. Terminal application is written in NodeJS
  2. Integration of ICON Bridge JS SDK: Our team will integrate this existing SDK for cross-chain transactions, ensuring that it is compatible with both blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain, and ICON Main Network.
  3. Transaction Execution: The application will enable users to initiate cross-chain transactions from one blockchain network to another.
  4. Error Handling: We will implement robust error handling to ensure that users are informed of any errors or issues that arise during transaction execution.
  5. Documentation: We will integrate comprehensive documentation to help users understand how to use the application effectively.

Development Plan

Work breakdown structure

The project would take 17 working days. The following is the proposed timeline and milestones for the project:

Estimation Cost

Estimated development time and labor cost include the full-time employment of a backend developer.

(*) For the blockchain industry in Vietnam, due to the scarcity of backend blockchain developers, employees receive a higher percentage of salary compared to the market average.


Official Team Name


Team Background

Lecle is a full-stack software development consultancy that focuses on building customer-driven software solutions. The team responsible for building this project has extensive experience in blockchain development, with a particular focus on cross-chain transactions. This experience has enabled the company to develop interoperability services for blockchains such as the ICON Network, secure blockchain contracts issued by the government of South Korea, and help numerous companies turn their ideas into functional business services.

Since 2019, Lecle has operated the validator node ICONDAO, an active builder and promoter of the ICON Network and Devera IT Academy.

Contact Information


Discord (team lead) main contact point: h2pl#2883


Our team is confident in our ability to develop a high-quality Node.js terminal application that will enable users to execute cross-chain transactions using ICON Bridge JS SDK. We are committed to delivering a solution that meets the requirements of the client and provides a seamless user experience.