No value of assests visible in my wallet


Since yesterday, when i open my wallet, the value of my assets, that was shown in USD before, is 0? Is that correct, or have i been hacked?

Which wallet are you using?

Also just an FYI - please don’t share your private key with anyone (in-case they ask)!

Directly the Icon Extension in Firefox

First, I would say check your “Server” at the bottom of ICONex Extension and make sure it says “Mainnet”.

Next, please paste your public address in our block explorer and see if there are any funds in your wallet/if there were any transactions not performed by you:

Where I find my public adress?

Found the adress and can confirm no transactions apart from my own. Also the settings are as advised. But still no value is shown

Can you join the Official ICON Discord and ask our Community Managers John & Arosh?

They are experts with helping our community with these things: ICON (Official)