No more python, or both python and java?

After icon 2.0 will python not be support? Or both python and java?

Simple version:

  • Yes, ICON 2.0 will support both Python and Java.

Long version:

  • Actually what we added is another option for SCORE development with Java, while the existing development option with Python will still be remained.

  • Regarding the Python development, nothing will be changed. Both development options will be co-existing for a while, however, we may decide to cease to support the Python development in the future to avoid the current audit process problem. (But nothing has been decided yet.)

  • As you know, if you deploy your SCORE with Python, it should be audited by the Foundation. It may take several days and may hurt your business schedule or something other. With Java SCORE, you don’t need to worry about this kind of issues. This is the first reason why we added another option for SCORE development.


Obviously the perfect answer!


thank you for response. so if i make python score i must have foundation audit before sending?

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As I’ve already mentioned, “Nothing will be changed regarding the Python development.”

If you are a newcomer and want to know how the audit process works, please visit to site for more details.



This program provides a pure Python execution environment that will be operated in a separate process from the consensus engine. It can execute the already deployed Python SCOREs on the ICON network as it is. By separating the executor process from the consensus engine, ICON can handle infinite loop and instability issues of Python SCOREs.

thank you. i will download sir