New Proposal to unite ICON Community: Memes Bank

I have a suggestion for the ICON community.

We can run a marketing campaign globally and ask users from around the world to submit their creative ICON memes/pictures/video/gif or whatever and the winner top 10 get some ICX prizes.

I suggest doing an ICON’s Meme gallery like LUNA e.g. >

This telegram channel for ICON would be a bank database of all the memes based on the color theme of ours green/white/black.

The effect of this is it would be an extremely strong ingredient for community unity as everyone relates to it as one tribal group / one gang / one group whatever. Everyone relates together as one!

And people have fun.

as stupid as it sounds, that’s the effects of memes today. Don’t underestimate social cohesion and unity and community, ESPECIALLY IN CRYPTO!

Thoughts on this?


I think it is better that we open up this competition/campaign to the GLOBAL AUDIENCE ppl who are outside of the ICON community.

You never know what talents and creative people we have out there, some may be very good at cinematic videos/animation/film/memes whatever.

This would generate more brainstorming ideas of different diversity and volume rather than having 1 p-rep team doing it or a group of ppl in ICON doing it.

It also brings in a lot of awareness for ICON in general.

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We’re doing this right now. 12 hours left!

Someone is reading my mind :slight_smile:

Extend the dateline, double down on FB ads!

How is the response so far?

People are going nutsfor it! We just doubled the pot to 500 ICX! Ends in like 12 hours.

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Be ready to release the kraken when annoucement is out. 1 meme at a time, we dominate the crypto world!

We have ICX memes for days now, people are taking time off work to make memes for us. I love it