MyIconWallet Reporting

Report Name

MyIconWallet App - Period 1/3

Reporting Period


Report Description

  • After 28 days we are 29% through the estimated work effort.

  • We have completed 79% of the UX, moving into a review this week.

  • We have been working with ICX Station on extending to include a reporting feature for P-Reps, which will be integrated with the wallet. This wasn’t part of the original scope, but we’re excited about the value this will provide.

  • We have completed 26% of the engineering. We have built the base application, create/unlock wallet and the ability to send ICX capabilities

  • Our engineer raised the following PR on the Icon-sdk which needs resolution (it’s not blocking us)

Project Completion Percentage

32% overall

Remaining Time to Completion

78 days

Expected Results for the Next Period

  • We have 29 days till the end of our next period

  • We expect to be 72% complete (below gives the breakdown)

  • We expect to have a POC for the Dapp browser in the next period (this is our biggest technical risk)

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  • The above gives a detailed breakdown for each key area.

  • For the UX work we can make our wireframes available.

  • For engineering we can make our codebase available.

  • We can provide screenshots and a demo of the reporting extension being built on (still in POC).

  • I will reach out to Bong and Ben on Telegram for access to wireframes and codebase.

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