Mobile wallet proposal


We are seeking funds to develop a mobile wallet (Apple and Android) for the Icon blockchain. The scope of this grant is to build the MVP.

MVP Features

  • Create and unlock Icon wallets
  • Send ICX
    • QR code generator and reader
  • Stake and unstake ICX
  • Basic P-Rep voting
  • App browser
    • #1 requested feature from ICONbet.

Below is an overview of what we’ve built today and what we’re seeking funding for.

Why build another wallet?

Why do we want to build another mobile app when the foundation has one?

There are 2 reasons why building a community mobile wallet is the right next move.

  • Focus
  • Control


With any new venture we want specialists focusing on their core competency. Min has already stated if we develop more community contributions the Icon foundation can focus on their core competency - loopchain, SCORE, IISS, BTP.


The strength of any blockchain is in it’s community. If as a community we build and own our wallet, we can control it’s direction and development. With decentralisation of the network we now have the funding to build the Icon we want.

A large portion of the community have been asking for staking and voting on the Icon foundation wallet and it’s still not available. With a community owned app we could have fixed this problem ourselves.

Parrot9 P-Rep recently made some interesting observations and suggestions on how to improve voting and engagement for DPoC - As a community we want to get votes to the right teams. The MyIconWallet is the first step in building out this future.

What does a community wallet mean? Who owns it?

As with our current web wallet all code is open-sourced. This means it’s available to anyone to review, use and improve.

The mobile wallet app built with this grant will be open-sourced. Anyone can contribute and grow the future of it.

Does your team have the skill to build this?

Our team has already built a fully functional web wallet for Icon

The code is open-source and available for a quality checking by the community and P-Reps

Any user can judge and provide feedback on it’s UX.

User guides

What can we do with a community wallet?

Below are some examples of where we can go after building an MVP (out of scope for funding)

Mobile ledger support

Connecting to your ledger via your mobile. We’ve successfully done an internal POC on our web wallet. This can be built into the app.

Scheduling iScore claims

Automatically claim your iScore, restake and delegate votes by setting future dates and transaction times. This is all without your private key leaving your mobile.

ICX purchasing

Provide the ability to purchase ICX directly in app. Currently the process to get ICX from a credit card is complicated as outlined by Insight - We will have the ability to build this functionality into the app. There are monetisation benefits of building this feature.

Hackathon starter kits

We will be building the mobile wallet in react native. Once complete we will be able to extract a Hackathon starter kit for developers to use when building on Icon. A starter kit is a git repo with all the built in libraries and boiler plate code needed to get a new mobile application up and running on Icon quickly.

This is a useful tool for P-Reps when running workshops and hackathons.

Below is an example of a starter kit for node.js web applications. You can get a sense of what we can do in building an Icon starter kit.

Make voting our killer dApp (Parrot9’s vision)

Parrot9 P-Rep are experts in UX and UI. They’ve made some observations and suggestions on how to improve voting and engagement for DPoC - On the back of an MVP wallet as a community we can make this a reality.

And more…

These are just our initial thoughts, but the community and the process will reveal that there is a lot more we can do by building our own wallet as a gateway into Icon.


We are requesting a 250k ICX grant, paid out of 3 even instalments. ICX will not be liquidated to fiat. ICX from this grant will be restaked back to the Icon network for the foreseeable future.

  1. Project kickoff
  2. Working alpha (excluding dApp browser)
  3. Full release

Note: This grant does not cover all the costs in making the MVP, any shortfall will be covered by the ReliantNode team.

Release date and work effort

Based on the work effort estimates provided by the team (see below), and pending grant approval, our expected delivery timeline is 4 months (January - April).

Maintenance and updates

All software developed is open-sourced allowing all P-Reps and community developers to submit bug-fixes and updates. The ReliantNode team will continue to drive maintenance and updates in alignment with adoption, community engagement and feedback.

Grant wallet address



This is an informal application, if more information is required or you have any questions let MJ know on telegram or email


Hi MJ & Reliant Node Team,

Great proposal! ICX Station is interested in learning more and I will follow up via your email to discuss more details.



Ok I like leave some positive and negative feedback on all + some points you should consider.

Points you need to consider

First web wallet is not safe way to interact so if you guys can add offline sign and broadcast function so people can sign their transactions offline and broadcast later over some other device that would be great.
To offer icx over your app specially from credit card. You need a lot of licence, regulations, anti fraud stuff I can’t recall it’s exact name right now lastly KYC. (All of these depends on where you register the company for these transactions)

Now positive feedbacks.
I really like what you guys did with the wallet. It’s simple and basic.
You are pushing for what needed in wallet instead of just creating another wallet.

My only negative feedback is
Make voting our killer dApp

That’s not even your teams idea but that’s not a reality so I just want to point that out.

I wish to have funds to support your development. That’s my summary for that proposal


@mj-reliantnode Is there any timeline of your project?
@Benny_Options Why over email? We’d certainly like to see details too.
@Emre I guess the purchasing would be done through 3rd party? Similarly to how Ark wallet integrates Changelly.


If there is a third party which can offer it that would be great but afaik none of them exist and they will charge a lot of money for integration. I remember one of them charging 200-300k USD but they were not just offering purchase with card anyway it’s getting out of context. I hope they can find viable option.


Hey @Tomas.Blockmove - I’m planning on reaching out to set up a call.


Thanks for your comments.

  • We agree keys should never leave the app (web or app) they are loaded in. All signing is done in app.
  • ICX purchase proposal would be through a third party (we’re in investigating simplex and coinify), as mentioned this is outside the scope of this proposal. Happy to discuss further about this at the right time.
  • I am not sure what the feedback re: Parrot9’s work is, but we think building the right voting UX is important for getting DPoC right.


Yes that would be great. I talked about voting being a killer app there


There are a few variables, but we’d be estimating with current workload around 3 months from funding to launch. We’d rather under promise.


I have a question about this feature.

ICX purchasing

Provide the ability to purchase ICX directly in app. Currently the process to get ICX from a credit card is complicated as outlined by Insight - . We will have the ability to build this functionality into the app. There are monetisation benefits of building this feature.

How do you guys plan on implementing this? Would the app hook into Apple Pay or the Android equivalent, and then process a transaction to buy ICX? If so, where is the liquidity coming from, and would you have to set up some kind of money handling entity to do this kind of thing?


3rd party solution as already mentioned:


As a big believer, the biggest barrier to adoption is usability, I’m a big fan of the project. Blockchain at Berkeley is planning to do a series of meetups after the holidays to promote the adoption of ICON and I think it would be really cool to get the audience members who don’t have a laptop with them to try out the app.

Is there a rough timeline for delivery? Just saw your reference of 3 months from funding to launch but does that mean 3 months from now? Or when do you plan to have funding?

(Also I love using the webapp better than ICONex so keep up the good work. As we accumulate more funds, we’d be happy to contribute to the success.)


Hi MJ thanks for the great suggestion.
As ICON foundation, we are going to release grant program in short period of time and project something like you suggested will be likely to get selected and get grant.

thanks for the great proposal and we will talk more in telegram thanks!


Hello, Reliantnode!

This proposal is applied to the ICON Community Grant program. ICON Foundation is going to review this proposal and leave the Review Result Comments on this post. Thanks.


Hi there

I think you should give us more details on your budget planning and why you need that much ICX to build it in order to get grant



@Ben_Lee - You can refer to this excel for our work effort estimates.



Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

New mobile wallet oriented from community could give a good opportunity to get user experience improved wallet for community. However, the community already have ICONex, the official wallet and there are no convincing points why we should have another wallet. Also, there is no information that the proposed wallet could give better user experience than ICONex. We believe there are many other things to develop rather than wallet at this point.

*. Proposer can request a reassessment


Seems you rejected absolutely everything that was proposed so far. So perhaps you could give a list of those other things you expect to be developed.


@BongAnHa - I have updated our proposal as requested. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers M


Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Creating a new wallet is challenging and we are glad that we have a Reliant node to do this job. This will give more options for the ICON wallets. They have shown us great work and we are certain that they will continue to do so. Since their work will be all open sourced, we are sure other P-Reps or developers are willing to do code reviews and QA processes so that Reliant node wallet can be trusted. We are happy to give out this grant.

Reporting Period
Grant recipients should produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. Please check the link (ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)) and leave reports on this page (

The team must submit their reports by the timeframes below:

  • 2020/02/12
  • 2020/03/13
  • 2020/04/29

Funding Amount
The ICON Foundation is going to give out 250,000 ICX in 4 monthly installments based on the Periodic Report.

  • 2020/01/20 - 62,500 ICX
  • 2020/02/13 - 62,500 ICX
  • 2020/03/14 - 62,500 ICX
  • 2020/04/30 - 62,500 ICX