Mirai Media Content Creation Phase 2

Content Creation 2022
New York City, NY

Korea Blockchain Week was a huge success. We really saw the value in having people see and meet people who are helping to make our ecosystem a better place. Whether you’re an investor, a developer, a NFT collector or just a curious individual; content like this is exactly what the ICON ecosystem needs.

The media in the ICON Ecosystem consists of outlets like Eye on ICON and The Iconist. At this time, there is no high quality production content in our ecosystem or even on ICON’s official YouTube channel. We have been missing crucial content such as core interviews with team members, protocols, applications, events and more. Look at other projects like Algorand, Near Protocol, and Polygon. They have been consistently bringing out content every week and sometimes even every other day. From this view, we believe ICON is a few years behind in terms of content creation. Before we worry about who is looking at this content, we want to build a foundation of consistent content for the ICON ecosystem.

Why do we need this? Capturing real life experiences and content can be captivating. Capturing real life experiences AND being able to present it in a short form content style is even more captivating. “Making sense of Web3 ‘’ is our motto. We aim to create content that is easily understandable to people in and outside of the blockchain system. The Mirai Media team consists of a diverse set of skills. Our team has experience in video production, audio mixing, video editing, storytelling and the most important, a deep understanding of Web3. Our team is made up of all Iconists, so naturally we want to bring value and impact into our own ecosystem. Today, we are seeking funding from the community to fund our next project with Mirai Media.


We are seeking 14,500 bnUSD from the community to produce a series of videos. This will be a 2 month project, with production work for September and editing for October. Below are a list of content that we would like to produce at this time:

1. Inside FYEO
David Garrity, President and CFO at FYEO

  • Interview with David Garrity as part of our ongoing “Around the Ecosystem” series.

2. A Secure Partnership
Jim Loperfido, Chief Revenue Officer at FYEO
Ben Konrath, Director of Client Engagements at FYEO

  • Talk about the partnership between ICON and FYEO - not limited to auditing code bases for key ICON products but also hosting workshops and publishing educational content around security best practices.

3. Security Best Practices
Brian Olson and Michael Erquitt, Audit Team at FYEO

  • What can users do to protect their assets against the eventuality of a hack? Talk about how ICON Bridge is secure.

4. BTP Innovation
Scott Smiley, Lydia Labs

  • A deep dive with Scott Smiley as he breaks down the fundamentals of ICON’s BTP technology.

5. HANA Wallet Desktop App
Scott Smiley, Lydia Labs
Elise Shin, ICON Foundation
Arcade Node/BTP Intern
Benedict Li, Studio Mirai (if needed)

  • A 20-30 second commercial about the newly - rebranded HANA Wallet from Reliant Node featuring members from the ICON community.
  • Several short 10-20 second commercials second cut versions

6. An Introduction to Balanced Protocol
Scott Smiley, Lydia Labs

  • An interview with Scott Smiley talking about the fundamentals of the Balanced project and its goals for the future.

7. Meet the BTP Intern, Max Lawrence
Max Lawrence, Arcade Node/BTP Intern

  • An interview with Max Lawrence aka BTP Intern. How did Max get into blockchain, and why ICON?

8. Meet Scott Smiley, Lydia Labs

Scott Smiley, Lydia Labs

  • An interview with Scott Smiley from Lydia Labs. How did Scott get into blockchain? What led you to create Balanced and other applications in ICON.

9. Meet Elise Shin, ICON Foundation
Elise Shin, Marketing and Communications

  • An interview and introduction with Elise Shin from ICON Foundation. How did Elise get into blockchain? What was planning the Korea Blockchain Week event like?


  • September - Filming and Production
  • October - Editing and Deliverables

Funding Breakdown

We have decided to shoot some of the content listed above either outside or at public spaces. This will cut the need to rent a studio and additional gear during our stay in New York. We connected with Empire Dao which is NYC’s multi-chain web3 cultural center for builders and artists. We will be using that space to film some of the content listed above.

On-site Gear Rental: 2,000 bnUSD
Transportation & Lodging: 2,000 bnUSD 1,000 bnUSD

  • We will be covering half of the expenses.
  • Hotel $1,500
  • Transportation $500

Content Creation, Video Production, Photo Production Costs: 11,500 bnUSD

$1,250 x 8 + $1,500 x 1 (HANA)

Each video is broken down in our 7-step process below:

  1. Storyboarding - Meeting with different teams mentioned and planning out the different shoots & content. How to portray the idea? How to build the story and narrative?

  2. Script Writing - For Scott’s BTP & HANA content - Writing out the script/commentary for these videos. For Scott’s, it’ll be him speaking. For HANA, it’ll be our actors speaking & voice narrator.

  3. Pre-Production - Setting up on location. Building the sets, scouting locations, contacting with necessary people to make production as smoothly as possible.

  4. Video Production - The actual video production work. Making sure the shot and our talents look as good as they can be. Making sure the content we wrote out is being communicated to our audience.

  5. Video Editing - Video editing, coloring and cutting. The most crucial part. After going through several drafts with the ICON Communications and HANA teams, we will be sending it off to the next phase.

  6. Audio Mixing - Once videos are finished editing, we mix the audio for final delivery.

  7. Final Delivery - Videos will be uploaded on the ICON Foundation YouTube channel and HANA channels.

Check out our current work here: https://vimeo.com/miraimedia1


Moonkyu Song, Chief BTP Engineer at ICONLOOP

Donghyun Lee, Project Manager at ICON SDK

Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of Near Protocol | Eye On ICON Feature

HK Ryu, Parameta

I believe the requested amount is way beyond what would be needed for this kind of work.

There isn’t an appropriately large platform to showcase $14,500 worth of work. The videos are too short and generic, low follower count twitter accounts, no established YouTube channels etc. There isn’t an appropriate viewing audience.Therefore the videos will only be viewed by a very limited audience of mirai followers and some ICX holders which doesn’t offer enough value for the money spent in my opinion.

I don’t believe ICON will get $14,500 worth of value back from this proposal. More money in than value out. That being said I don’t see why this couldn’t be funded from their own pocket if they’re do dead set on it. They have (or were for a long time) multiple P-Rep nodes running at this point earning money.

CPS funds would be better spent on DAO tooling or some DEFI projects, Dapps. Not to mention it wouldn’t be the smartest move to spend all this money during a bear market when ICX value is near all time lows and interest in crypto markets is dead in general. Nobody will watch this content.