Minor text addition to Unstaking Screen for Users


Wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but didn’t want to just post it on twitter this time. This is a very tiny issue but it’ll add some help for a common circumstance, and will take seconds to implement.

Problem: User knows coins will be unstaked on “X” date. Date comes, user loads wallet, and finds that coins are not unstaked yet. There is a time stamp, but time stamp does not indicate GMT or which time zone, so its effectively useless.

Proposal: Add appropriate time zone stamp to the end of the unstaking estimate. See attached image for visual example:


Great idea. Glad to see suggestions like this being added in here.

…I need six more words to post this comment.


Just had a thought - its possible its already defaulting to the users local machine time.

Not sure its necessary to put any stamp in that case. Although I found myself confused, assuming it to be someone elses time zone (or a standard one like GMT).