MetrICX V2 – Phase 1

MetrICX V2 – Phase 1

Description: At this time, MetrICX is one of the most-used apps in the ICON ecosystem with over 1,000 installs and 6 sessions/device/day. We developed the app to provide ICONists with the ecosystem metrics they care about. Now that MetrICX has an established user base, we would like to request funding to develop the next version of the app.

Due to the amount of work required, we’ve decided to split the project into two phases. We will also be collaborating with ICON P-Rep DevShack for this project.

This funding request is for Phase 1.

Phase 1

  • Refresh the user interface.
  • Add support for additional currencies beyond USD.
  • Add support for additional languages beyond English.
  • Add support for transaction history display.
  • Add UniFi integration for displaying IRC token balances and prices.
  • Start transitioning client-side code to server-side.

Phase 2

  • Work with a UI/UX designer and frontend developer to completely overhaul visuals.
  • Finish transitioning client-side code to server-side.
  • Make MetrICX API publicly available for other developers on ICON.
  • Collaborate with other ICON dApps and projects to make their data available through the MetrICX API (e.g. view the status of your activity on Balanced within MetrICX).
  • Add support for additional push notification types requested by the community.
  • Develop contract method push notification subscription service (dependent on ICON 2.0).

Duration: 1 Month

Milestones: Since we expect Phase 1 to be completed one month after receiving funding, there aren’t too many milestones to list. With that said, we will provide weekly progress updates.

Funding Amount Requested: $10,000 (1 month of work for 2 developers)

I am very excited to see this added to CPS. The App has a huge user base already and has incredible potential.
@bwhli with Phase 2 would that enable building a dashboard view of an icx address like and ? or even better enable that view in the app?

These are now some of the biggest protocols on eth that initially started with the above idea of giving an overview of your portfolio and all the dapps your wallet is connected to.

I hope every iconiest and prep understands the potential this application has!


Hi Fez thanks for the props. Yes we hope to continue building this out. What started out as something I wanted personally has grown into a useful tool for many. As more dapps get added to the growing ICON ecosystem we hope to have MetrICX in the middle, connecting useful information from multiple dapps for every iconist. Phase II we hope to be able to provide an easy to use interface that will allow anyone to build and connect.


Hey there! Using MetrICX and it’s a great app. Could help you with translation to russian, if needed! Good luck, guys!
P.S. offering this, because ICON is not very popular among russian speakers, what makes me sad.


We would very much like a Russian translation. Can you email me at so we can start that process when the time comes?

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Sure! Will do it right now


Sounds great, I like the vision highlighted in Phase 2.

With the emerging ICON DeFi ecosystem, there’s gonna be a lot of metrics to monitor across the different Dapps, and such an app will be even more useful.


Thanks Edouard, we’re excited to get started on Phase 2!


Stay tuned on this one!! Hint hint


Thanks, a good project. What is delivery plan for Phase 2?

Love this app, use it daily. Cannot wait for a refresh, thanks guys.

Any info on progress?

We’re pushing the app to App Store this week.