Message Over Blockchain by Blue Energy Science Technology

Project Name:

Message Over Blockchain (MOB)

Proposal Team:

Blue Energy Science Technology (Australia)

About MOB

MOB is an unique way to send and receive messages embedded in the transactions of all the cryptocurrencies and the tokens. Anyone with the experience of cryptocurrency transactions knows that all the transactions are accurate to the decimal points with certain mantissa positions allowed by the blockchain network. MOB is part of BEST plan for the future decentralised world. Blue Energy Science Technology would prefer to use the blockchain technologies to roll out projects and to commercialise its innovations. MOB is like a messenger to deliver information for BEST projects and services.

How MOB works

MOB breaks down any message into basic information as the “keys”, which can be letters, the basic written symbols or graphemes symbols, digits, punctuations, special characters including science and art.

To encode these keys, MOB will use centesimal, or base 100 (B100) to represent all the keys. Because of the limitation of B100, the MOB system will break down the encoding into primary group and secondary group. When all the keys are laid down in an interface, they are similar to a physical keyboard used by a computer or other information input interface.

Instead of using smart contracts that are only executed by a particular blockchain, MOB overcomes the limitation because the messages are encoded by the normal transactions. MOB can be sent in any length. The MOB contents are programmable by DApp. There are many functions MOB can perform. With these features, MOB is the language for a decentralised network to build applications for its communities.

MOB users can send open or unencrypted messages. Open (public) information will use the “standard” keyboard to code the message. When the message is encrypted, it will use a scrambled keyboard to code the messages.

To understand how a scrambled keyboard works, we can refer the method to a Cipher Wheel which is used for encryption. The scrambled keyboard will use the randomly generated centesimal sequence instead. Only the correct random digits can decode the encrypted messages. As the number of keyboards are very large, it would be very hard to hack the private messages when the senders don’t use the standard keyboard.

MOB demonstration website built on ICON main net

Blue Energy Science Technology has launched a demonstration website in July 2021. It has some basic functions of MOB. For example, new users can register with their emails. After the registration, they can send public or private messages using two ICON wallets belong to BEST.

Here is the demonstration website:

About Blue Energy Science Technology

Small and decentralised BEST team has members around the world. We are efficient and determined to change our future. Blue Energy Science Technology works on energy efficiency, especially in the area of transport, electricity, renewable energy, emission reduction. Our patent in thermal energy engine design, and the potential breakthrough in warp engine research will open the next chapter of human civilisation.

For more information about Blue Energy Science Technology, please take a visit at our official website:

The MOB development is part of BEST projects

MOB is a decentralised messaging system. BEST projects have strong DNA to decentralise our world, especially how we can live and where we want live. BEST innovations lay down the opportunity for people to live anywhere without compromising the quality of living. These projects are disruptive to the status quote of social, economy, political and business. Some of the visions are what the world is trying to achieve, for example, to establish the Negative Emission Energy griD (the NEED).

The pandemic since the end of 2019 is a big warning from the Mother Nature. COVID-19 has destroyed many small to big business. Many people loss their jobs. Millions have died. When things are slowly back to normal, we see the familiar problems coming back. The traffic in big cities is busy and congested. The fuel price is raising. The consumers in the US are unable to buy goods because of the limited transport ability to distribute goods made in countries like China. While in China, the factories and cities are forced into blackout due to electricity shortage. As we know, the emission rises along the economy recovery.

Blue Energy Science Technology will not ask ICON community to fund all these projects because the cost is not what the ICON community can afford. However if these projects prevail, Blue Energy Science Technology expects the investors will come. As we are still working on the projects, the Australian government announced Trailblazer program which costs up to AU$50 million.

Getting funding from the government is a painful process. Over the past 12 years, all the BEST R&D programs are self funded. We think we can build our own Lunar return vehicles at the cost of no bigger than buying a new Toyota Camry. This is a big claim compare with many privately funded space programs.

In this CPS grant application, we will develop existing MOB demonstration website into a crowdfunding platform first.

To make this project interesting and interactive, BEST team will work on a Moon Rock Mining Vehicle (MRMV), which will go to the Moon and back powered by two BEST engines. One engine is called Blue Energy Thermal Engine (BETE), which is used for handling heat source. One is called Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine (BEBE), which is a warp engine similar to an Alcubierre Drive. Due to the innovations, the MRMV will use solar energy for the entire return trip. MRMV can take off and land vertically. The constant acceleration will make the one way trip in a few hours. The MRMV will land on the Moon surface and pick up rocks in the designated area. Due to VTOL ability, it will hover on the Moon surface for the mission. When enough rocks are harvested, it will come back to the Earth base in a few hours. Without too much trouble, the mining vehicle will go back the Moon again for ongoing mining trip. The spacecraft can be built with very cheap material. Ground control is preferred due to the distance to the Moon is not far.

Each mission will use MOB to transmit data and instruction. It will be a great show for ICON technology. This project will presell rocks to the crypto community like a crowdfunding. Money received from CPS will help BEST to build the presale website. People around the world will prepay their moon rocks using MOB.

Once these crowdfunding backers’ purchases are done, the sale will become auction in the platform using ICON network and MOB. The MOB is an interesting way to add many features to a blockchain network.

Project Milestones:

Phase 1: Backend and frontend MOB design, MRMV design and campaign animation production $56,500

There are 3 tasks in this phase.

Task one: ($5,000)

In this phase, our IT team leader will work on solutions to improve existing demo site so that MOB users can use personal wallets instead of BEST Icon wallets to encode, dispatch and receive public and private messages. Budget for this task is set at $5,000. It will be finished in two months.

Task two: ($50,000)

In this stage, our engineers will work on MRMV fuselage, engines (both BETE and BEBE), solar panel, electronic components, energy storage unit and communication unit. These components must be able to endure the harsh environment in the space and the lunar surface. Budget in this category is $50,000. MRMV design will take 6 months as provision. It is not possible to align MOB backend and frontend time frame due to the workload is much larger.

MRMV target cost is US$50,000 to US$100,000 each. The design, construction and test will be funded by backers of the missions. Potentially we can find financial support from the investors, sponsorships, government grant and philanthropists donation. Alternatively, Blue Energy Science Technology will exchange its own crypto in ICO style crowsale. MRMV cost will not be part of this funding application.

Task three: (S1,500)

A mission 3D animation is required for crowdsale and marketing campaign. Budget for this phase 1 task is $1,500. It can be done in 3 to 5 weeks.

Phase 2: Crowd sale website and marketing allowance $14,000

Crowd sale website is the continuation of task one in phase 1. This crowd sale website allows mission backers to pledge their support. If necessary, we will try to raise funding in normal crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter etc. We understand that some supporters don’t use crypto. Some might live in countries that forbid using cryptocurrencies.

MOB crowd sale platform will cost $6,000. In order to promote this mission, we will try to find angel investors, seek sponsorship from business, inviting philanthropists to donate and applying government grant. These initiatives will be mainly funded by BEST. However we would like to seek this round of CPS to make $8,000 contribution. This funding will go to Google and Facebook advertisement and the operational cost of mission supporters’ Telegram channel.

In Australia, the government grants normally adopt co-investment style. The state and the federal government will normally make 50% of the total investment. Some will come in the tax credit which is only applicable for companies which make profit. For BEST, it has been using its own money for the past 12 years. We pay everything including the R&D and IP protection. Any support from ICON community will potentially have 100% match from the Australian states and Federal government. Or We can use project milestone to pitch funding that is available in Australian space program, which has a funding pot of AU$150 million at the moment.

Phase 3: Construction of MRMV $0

This phase will be fully funded by the project backers’ contribution. In order to ensure that the undisclosed BEBE (Warp engine) is real and powerful, we will build on engine prototype and demonstrate its ability to the general public. As you can see, the BETE (thermal engine) has been granted with the Russian Federation patent. BEBE however is still in the steal mode. It will be disclosed to the public in this phase.

Future development: Energy infrastructure, transport, COP, space programs

If this Moon Rock Mining project is successful, we expect the support and investment in Blue Energy Science Technology will be overwhelming. The growth should be organic and sustainable.

ICX applicable

According to the market price, we are looking for 35,250 ICX in this application.

Firstly, let me welcome you to the ICON ecosystem. Unfortunately this isn’t going to be a “good” post but I’ll make it very constructive.

Here’s the good news. I see SOME parts of this CPS proposal as proper for the CPS system. Those are building a system for using ICON in the MOB system which is the $5,000 part of your proposal. I think Spartan may have built something similar but I’m not 100% sure they’ll have to speak up, but I also don’t know exactly what the use of a MOB system would be used for since there are already so many messaging services and while storing messages on chain means they last forever they are also available to the world. Even if they are encrypted all it takes is for someone to crack the encryption and from there they have access to every message anyone has ever sent through MOB. This would probably be something better suited for a private ICON chain rather than a public one for companies or organizations that do want to store their messages forever and privately.

Here’s the bad news. The MRMV has nothing to do with ICON. The building of such a vehicle/robot/machine should not be on ICON’s shoulders/funding. If the MRMV had some kind of benefit to ICON then I could see this being funded by CPS but we’ve also been burned by a prep who claimed to be working on a “drone project” for ICON in the past, made millions from their hype vote collecting and then did absolutely nothing with it and there’s never been any progress with the “drone project”. That left a very bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

The other thing I tried to do was to research who is “Blue Energy Science Technology” and you don’t show up anywhere on google, even adding in Australia in the search didn’t help. Your website above is just an IP address (which honestly screams scam to me so I didn’t go further into it), but we know nothing about your company or you nor can we easily find any information on such. Most Preps are not going to give out $50k to people they know or cannot at least research.

Take these points and work with them and come back with something that can directly benefit ICON and I know people will be more receptive.

NOTE: I found your website link in the other links, so went to it and there’s really not much information there isn’t besides the projects that you are hoping to work on and some of them seem a bit…far fetched for a 3 man team (just my opinion).

Hi, GeoDude.

Thank you for your reply. I have talked to a few ICON members. I felt they had some view like yours. That is fine to me. I will not go ahead with the funding request. I will do it myself. MOB system is somewhat proprietary in the way it works. For example, I can send the same message “Hello, World!” after I code the message into the mantissa and then send it out in any blockchain. Currently it was only done in ICON due to limited resource we had.

Our goal is to commercialise our inventions, which have great potential. MOB will be the communication infrastructure we build. It is not how good MOB is, or how bad Facebook is. MOB is the BEST language. All the business venture will be built around them. ICON is not the only blockchain MOB will use. It can be other blockchain too. Just like the UK speaks English and Chinese in China speaks Chinese. We want to build future energy business based on the innovations we have.

I didn’t know your “drone project” before, which was unfortunately. This might be the reason people thought I am doing the same.

I revamp my website recently. I haven’t done SEO properly. My website used to be Google search page 1 if the keyword “Blue Energy Australia” was used. The NO1 website in the search is a fossil fuel company. We decided to change our name to BEST. Proper SEO seems required.

If you check BETE patent information, it is published by the Russian Federation patent office. Also it can be found in WIPO. BEBE is not published. We had to hold back the information due to IP protection. BETE and BEBE are what this world urgently needs if climate change is the challenge we must take on. However, the world has failed to achieve anything. The whole climate change task is overwhelmed by political fight, and the temporary success by the some people who has the charm to influence the media. Unfortunately these people has the money to manipulate the world including the crypto community. One tweet he sent can make the crypto go to the Moon or crash to the hell.

I will not apply funding now. I can do things with my own money. I was hoping the project roll out will offer mutual benefit which might help me to run ICO to raise more funding. There are other way I can build a hovercraft which is very much similar to the movie “Go back to the future”. But to build Tirbird car, ( Project Flying car) it won’t be possible with a few million bucks. It is a lot cheaper to build a bootstrapped MRMV. Anyway, I will try my best.

Anyway, good luck for everyone trying to make the future. Let’s go to the MOON.

Best regards

David Huang

Hi, GeoDude.

I did Google search with the Keyword “blue energy Australia”, it is now shown in page 15. For the key word “blue energy science technology”, it is in page 3.

Yesterday, Australian government has announced its plan to achieve carbon neutrality by the year of 2050. It is a big change for the conservative coalition government. To raise their bet of technology and market driven carbon neutral plan, I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister about Blue Energy Science Technology. There is huge potential if Australian carbon neutral plan embrace BEST.

In the mean time, I am working with my team to develop online portal to raise funding for my MRMV and the future projects. If people wish to know how they can directly involved, please contact me through my website. Thank you.

David Huang

Update: Blue Energy Science Technology website Google ranking is in the 1st page when Blue Energy Science Technology is the keyword. It is in Google search page 5 when Blue Energy is the key words. Now, we are drafting a White Paper which will set our ERC20 token Entropy as the native space travel pass unconditionally accepted when our space travel business begins. Each Entropy token equals 1 second of space travel time. When someone want to swap a day in the space, he/she only need to transfer 86400 Entropy tokens issued by Blue Energy Science Technology.

MRNV will be renamed as the Sunflower. MRNV has a pair of solar panel which will face the Sun at the straight angle. For this, it is now called the Sunflower.