Marvelous Reporting

Report Name

Marvelous - Period 1/3

Reporting Period


Report Description

  • After 13 days we are 27% through the estimated work effort.
  • We have completed 90% of the UX/UI and 15% of the API engineering work

Project Completion Percentage

27% overall

Remaining Time to Completion

63 days

Expected Results for the Next Period

  • We have 28 days till the end of our next period
  • We expect to be 69% complete (below gives the breakdown)

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  • The above gives a detailed breakdown for each key area.
  • For the UX/UI work we can make our wireframes available.
  • For engineering we can make our codebase available.
  • I will reach out to Bong on Telegram for access to wireframes and codebase.

Review Result



The ICON Foundation has confirmed progress and approves the payment of grants.