Marketing utilization(Please see)

Our icon seems to be too honestly development-oriented.
The public hates uncertainty!
The rising icx price is the biggest advertisement.

We also have to use good marketing that doesn’t cost money.

For example, among Ethereum developers, Vitalik is hard-working, honest, and proud of Ethereum. It talks about how Ethereum will change the world from the beginning of Ethereum and tells the public about their confidence in Ethereum 2.0. Also, he knows how to speak when he needs criticism (Ripple).
Also, look at Ada developer Charles Hoskins.
Personally, I think Ada’s market cap is a bubble, but he uses his specs, an early Ethereum developer, and talks about the future Ada will create, and talks openly about what he will create in the future.

This time, it was said that iconfi will be released in January, but the date has not come out even though January is almost over. If you suddenly release iconfi the next day, it is like throwing away the price increase period and ingredients.

I know that from the end of last year to the first half of this year, the icon has developed tremendously. However, when I see people who come to the messenger, there are often people who don’t know if the icon is still staking. Quite a few people don’t know the icon.
In the first half of this year, I know there will be omm, balanced, stash, icon2.0a, icon2.0 mainnet, btp relayer recruitment, etc., and so on. Maybe good coins have powers. Ads like this will also help them raise prices. I think it works.
I’m curious when to do the icon2.0a test. Date too
When I say I do coins around me, they say, “Are you bitcoin too?” Most people don’t know other coins. I actually don’t buy bitcoin because it is too poorly performing. I think bitcoin price is rising because it is the first coin in the blockchain and the price is rising endlessly, because rumors come out and people who hear the rumor buy it.
I think we should do advertisements that raise prices like this. It mainly uses advertisements that don’t cost money, but coinbase and entry into Japan are essential. Japanese finance is falling apart. You should advance to Japan as soon as possible. Coinbase has huge funds.

Personally, I think that it is better to flexibly ride the uptrend with good news for a long time rather than revealing all the dates at once as a way to burst the good news.
Even if it is a big climb, if the adjustment comes, pop up good news at the right time

Finally, I believe in icon. I hope you to show the public your pride and confidence in your icon.

I agree the more i sit back think and have observed. There isn’t a fraction of US investors in Icon most like stated do not know it exists if you don’t know something how can you expect to use it or become a part. And those that do hear about the crypto space are scared to come on board afraid of loosing everything or having identity stolen. Number 1 easing the mind of the audience in being able to use the product and service without getting violated or stolen from lied to another big big reason growth isn’t like targeted. I know other languages were targeted as something to bring onboard i am for that but doesn’t it make sense to start some kind of focus oriented campaign on the Economy that can bring us to the dance we want on whatever planet we want. We need this more than Icon admin thinks and believe it from me i’m a real honest man and have been a true supporter but time is running out. How does this have to happen to get a team going and start this campaign someone give some answer with some action possibly involved which can bring change seen not just backdoored by the loopteam or everyone claiming to be a part of ICX but price doesnt hold 3 bucks. WAKE UP LEGGO!!