Mark from twitter had a good idea

If developers get rewarded well for developing on ICON it will attract more quality developers. How about offering grants, rewards and competitions for developers, including targeting students at universities to encourage new developers and projects.

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Hey @CryptoThayne both of these things have actually been going on for quite some time. We certainly agree it’s a good direction and have been doing it. See examples below:

MLH - program that organizes workshops in universities across the world. I’m not sure the exact number, but many of these workshops have been taking place

ICON Grant Program - this has been ongoing and you can see all approved grants on this very forum under the grants section

ICONDAO’s grant for teaching Vietnamese students - [Grant Application] Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra (IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University)

Hackathon by Hyperconnect team - another grant was approved for a hackathon. Check out details here. [Grant Application] ICON Hyperconnect (ICON P-Rep/Accelerator): Accelerating ICON Applications & Growth at Scale

And on top of those things we’re in the process of looking for a public facing developer lead to do more of these initiatives.

As a final note, I’m moving this thread to “General Discussion” as this category is specifically for proposals.

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Hey @Benny_Options a little while back Ricky mentioned dev lead was close, implying we had someone narrowed down. Has this progressed further? and to clarify this lead is focused on the public chain? Understand they would work closely with the iconloop team at the same time hoping major focus is on the public chain.

Yes it would be public chain and the interview process is starting for one candidate.