Lost password trying to login

Hi has anyone lost there password in ICONex? My funds are locked in there. Is there a way to get them out? Thanks!

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Hi there. You will need your password to open your wallet. If you’ve lost that, then you are ok if you saved the private key.

You can make a new wallet (to access your ICX). You can do this by ‘restoring a wallet’ within ICONex wallet app using your Private Key.

Remember, please don’t share your private key with anyone.

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Well I guess I am one of those “smart pants” who forget their passwords from something financially valuable (still cannot believe that I did it…).
Actually, I wrote the password down and have not used it for 6 months or so. I could and still can enter my ICONex application on my iPhone and see my ICX balance. I use some system for such passwords, so I was sure that everything was under control and did not pay a lot of attention to the private key… Yes I cannot find it either.
The written password 100% makes sense and yet it does not work.

I do understand the system rules and that it is 100% my responsibility, so I am not complaining but trying to find a way. Trust me, I have tried everything: to find my private key on virtual and hard disks, at messengers, tried to change the password I enter in all the positions I could make a misprint. I have been doing it since May 2020, my fantasy is exhausted :slight_smile:

The application works in such a way to prevent fraud, so let me know if there is a way to prove that these are my coins, that I bought them and sent to the ICONex wallet. I have access to my application and I use the same phone I used when I bought ICX, I also have on my email confirmations that I bought these amounts of ICX in the days and time that they were received in the ICONex wallet.

I will be happy with any option to prove that it is my wallet with ICX, created by me on my iPhone and I want to send ICXs on my verified Binance account or, probably, even to another ICON wallet inside the same application on my Phone.

There is always a way for specific cases. Please, tell me what options do I have except to forget my ICX investments, that I made in 2019 with the intention to wait for development of the ICON project.