LICX governance and Audit

Project title

LICX governance & Smart contract audit

Project category
Development – DeFi

Project duration
1 Month to implement governance

Project description
There is quite some demand for LICX already but to really see adoption by other protocols we need to implement governance so that protocols can decide which P-rep they wish to dedicate their votes to. Since LICX could potentially hold a large amount of funds in the smart contract we also want to have it audited by a third party to prevent possible failures in the smart contract. Since we understand the value of resources, we want to implement governance before the audit so that we don’t have to redo it all over again in such a short period of time.

We have contacted Blockmove in order to collaborate to help us bring governance implementation to realization faster.

We have contacted multiple reputable auditors and most of them have a full schedule until the Q1 2021. Slowmist was the only company which offered an audit prior to that, since they were recommended to us by Scott from ICX station we believe that they are a reputable company.

What is included in LICX governance:

  1. Smart contract
    The smart contract will be adjusted so that holders of LICX may vote for any P-rep(s) that they desire.
  2. Website and documentation
    A subsite will be created on specifically for governance and all the information required. There will also be adequate documentation created for any protocols that wish to implement voting for their users to be able to easily do so.

Project milestones

We want to implement 3 major milestones for this project

  • Milestone #1 - MVP
    Smart contract and testing. Functionalities: LICX holders can vote for their desired P-rep(s)
  • Milestone #2 - Final version
    Website, documentation, and testing. Functionalities: functions of MVP, website implementation, and documentation.
  • Milestone #3 - Audited protocol

User stories

We have already defined users stories for our development:

  • US1 - As a user as I deposit my ICX to the smart contract and still be able to vote for any P-rep I desire. #SP 5
  • US 2 - As a user I want to change my vote whenever I want. #SP 5
  • US 3 - As a user I want my newly generated rewards to be delegated to my previously voted P-reps while the ratio of the votes stays the same #SP 8
  • US4 - As a user I want to easily interact with the governance part through a web application based UI. #SP 8
  • US5 - As a user I want to see great documentation about the smart contract and how the project works in general so I can verify its integrity and easily implement it into any existing protocols #SP 2

Funding the project
Work package - Documentation, website (10 SP)
Work package - Smart contract (18 SP)
Total number of SP: 28 SP
Estimation for SP = 360€

Estimated costs:
Governance development: 10,080€ (Calculation in $ or ICX is done at the date of the payment)
Agreed on 6,000$ provided by ICON foundation for development. The rest of the costs will be covered by block42.

Audit by slowmist: 50 ETH
We will provide an invoice of the audit to the ICON foundation if any changes to the auditing price would occur we will first discuss it with the ICON Foundation.

The grant funds will be used for the development of the project:

-2 developers – in charge of upgrading the smart contract with all the functionalities LICX, reward distribution, and front end web application.

-1 Technical advisor – in charge of overviewing how the functionalities are implemented from a development side

-1 Project manager – in charge of assigning tasks to members of the team, keeping track of deadlines as well as communicating with the community about the progress of the project.

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result

Approval pending on revised conditions

Review Comments

  • We think it is valuable to have your work audited before exposing it to the ICON Community. This is only being approved because it is a non-profit project that benefits the ICON Ecosystem, ICON 2.0 migration is ongoing, and the price for audit is reasonable. Audits for for-profit projects will not be supported.
  • We think the governance part of your project is important and aligned with the long-term vision for the ICON project. We support this effort too.
  • We’d like to accept the proposal for USD 6,000 governance development and audit costs with invoice/receipt. We also need milestones and a timeline.
  • Additional conditions also include that we’ll need to see a final audit report and do KYC on the team.

Next Procedure

ICON Foundation provided the Initial Review Result Comments on the proposal. Grants recipients will respond to the Foundation’s response. Depending on your comments, the foundation will provide the Final Review Result Comments.

Plus, all grant recipients should do KYC in order to receive grants from the Foundation. Once your proposal is fully accepted, we’ll guide the next procedure for the KYC.

Updated the original grant post. Let us know if anything is still missing.

Final Review Result Comments

Review Result


Reporting Period

Grant recipients should produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. Please check the link (ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)) and leave reports on this page ( )

The team must submit the Periodic Report by the timeframes below (UTC):

  • 2021/01/13 02:00 AM (UTC)

Funding Amount

The ICON Foundation is going to give out $6,000 based on the Periodic Report. The amount of ICX will be determined and paid according to the price at 02:00 AM (UTC) on the day of payment.

  • 2021/01/15 02:00 AM (UTC) - $6,000