Let's put the apps together (The most effective and powerful marketing)

Let’s not scatter the app around this and that.

Let’s gather the good features of each app and make it one.
iconex+myiconwallet+iconpool+iconfi+Zzeung= one defi wallet

Let’s use icon functions easily and conveniently just by installing the icon wallet.

This will play a strong advertising role and will provide a strong convenience.

I think it is also good to recruit developers who can add messenger functions to this app through CPS.

Messenger will be able to create another market through blockchain smart contracts and node operation (icx).
ex) status

I didn’t mean to make it, but I was asking to make it like this. English is difficult for me.


Brilliant idea! Yes all the apps should be one… Just like we can use whatsapp/telegram on mobile, it is the same as the desktop version on the PC.

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This is great and technically myiconwallet does offer this via its dapp browser. we need to bring this to the pc stage.

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Its name is!
Icon world

By the way, this is a must and a problem to be solved quickly.

MyIconexwallet offers IconFI? and ZZeung ?


I mean myiconwallet offered access to eveydapp built on icon.

Something to keep in mind, we need to ensure certian assets stay traditional.
No reason why a variation cant be offered.

Maybe, one app and within that one app you can select what section you go into…

A bit like a banking app, it has your current account, then your savings account etc… some banks now allow you to use them to verify your ID too.

His main point is when you keep it to one app, the more likely to catch awareness, therefore onboard people

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@PARROT9 is developing the ICONex, tagging them so they are aware of this thread.

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Completely agree, I think we are having some good projects built on the ICON blockchain now but it would be great if they were all collated into a single app or could at least be accessed from a single app. Myiconwallet (@PARROT9) dose this in the browser section well but it still isn’t perfect and docent have all apps in there.
It may be slightly off topic but I have often thought that if the wallet had all that apps included in it along with a messaging app of some sort then it would gain a lot of adoption, especially once Bridge is finished. For example I often send money to family in another country but the on ramps and off ramps in their country is too confusing for me to send crypto so I have to send money the traditional way. If we had a messaging app with bridge and the ICX wallet all in the one app I could send them a message to communicate and then send them money though the same app seamlessly and the whole process would be cheaper and simplified.

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There is a case to be made for creating a marketplace in a decentralised ecosystem. I think the best example I have seen regarding this is that of https://status.im/
…just took notice of the mention in the first post :slight_smile:

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Sounds like CPS proposal in the works!

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