Let's go back to the beginning (solve inflation and voting stagnation) revision

Bitcoin is born with the 2008 financial crisis. Currently necessary systems such as the dollar have a problem of controlling the supply of the upper class at will, and even if the money is left to a large financial institution, it has the disadvantage of losing all of the money like the 2008 financial crisis. Bitcoin came out to solve this problem, and it has a clear supply system and everyone accepts it. However, in my view, there is one drawback. Leverage (buy), short selling system.
ICON is trying to move in the right direction. So, I write an idea.

This is a personal thought.

  1. Clear supply system
    It need a clear supply system like Bitcoin.

-Before full operation of icon2.0, a clear supply system must be established.
after icon2.0, I think that the supply change should be changed due to the votes of the entire p-rep and the high approval rate, not only the top 22 p-rep votes (ex: 90% approval rate). Unless there is a big problem with supply, it can be said to be virtually immutable. Also, it must have a minimum of qualifications to filter out malicious p-reps.
For example, a node must be running for more than 2 years at all times and fines must not be paid more than twice a year, and must be staking at least 1000icx.
-Personally, I think the inflation rate should be less than 3% even if there is not much usage, and it should be close to 0% in the end. I recommend a modified version of the Bitcoin half-life system. We pay interest by staking icx. That’s why we have to cut the interest rate to less than halving it several times. It is recommended to reduce the icx supply by twice by one-third.
I think this significant increase in icx value is also good for the innovative airdrip system.

After that, I think that the leverage and short selling of icx must eventually disappear.

  1. Resolving the problem of congestion

Making more money by voting for a specific p-rep is so attractive. However, it cannot be considered that only such a system contributes to the icon ecosystem. Of course, it is a necessary system for interest farming. That’s why I suggest.
When voting, it is necessary to make a system are compulsory to vote in preps of 4team .(Votes remaining after distributing a certain percentage to the airdrip team and p-rep team ranked 23~100)
It is divided into a p-rep group that makes interest farming and a p-rep that does not.
(The voting ratio of both groups is 50:50, and the number of votes in one group is free.)

  1. (Excluding exchange voting) 10% of all votes are automatically voted to airdrip team.(to encourage airdrip)
    In addition, 10% of all votes are automatically voted for the 23rd to 100th p-rep.(For a competent but unselected team ,Conditions required, such as always operating nodes )
    The rest vote for the p-rep of the 4 teams. (Team 2 p-rep from the agricultural group of interest and Team 2 p-rep from the non-farm group)

I am a private investor and not a p-rep. Don’t misunderstand the investors who read this article.

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