Let's finance promising dApps

CPS is almost on a break these days because there are no good idea proposals.
So I suggest.

Time is more precious than gold.

There is no such thing as complete fairness in competitorization. And you can’t win by being completely fair.

Let CPS support DApps that are used quite a bit in Icon blockchain
Let’s make a promising dApp solid and stick it out like a pruning.


Economically, we are not a developed country.

There is a way that Korea developed from a developing country to a developed country.
Korea’s rapid economic growth is due to its growth policy focused on large corporations.

As I heard from my parents, Samsung Electronics also said that it was similar to multi-level in the early days.
If you set the number of refrigerators sold to an employee, the employee must sell them all. I’ve been trying so hard to dominate the market like that.

We also need to grow the pie by first growing it mainly on DeFi, Casino, and nft. We believe that increasing the size of Icon is a path for all Iconists.

It goes without saying that DeFi will need to absorb Bitcoin and Ethereum assets, and more importantly, attract people who do not know the coin.

For example, hire a part-time job and have them advertise on popular sites. Part-time worker earn money as much as they can.

For example,

As someone recommended by a part-time worker (enter a unique referral number) someone install an icon wallet and use the defi or casino app or nft exchange, 1icx or 1ice is paid. Someone who uses it will give you 1icx or 1ice if you authenticate your mobile phone and install a wallet, and give you another 1icx if you use a defi or casino or nft exchange.

We are a capable small business. I think it’s time to market the products we currently have more than anyone else. We don’t have time to slow down. The market is already dominated.

Please be with ICON from the beginning and support DApps with high usage.

They believe in the future of Icon and have been struggling since the beginning.

They need funds(some kind of encouragement) for rapid growth
And if they grow up fast it’s good for iconists too
(to CPS or the Foundation)