Let's aim for a market that has not yet been preoccupied

We’ve been out of fashion. I don’t think it’s necessary to follow the fashion. It seems that few good ideas are submitted to CPS these days.

How about trying to dominate a market that others have not yet dominated?

All I can think of is this - betting game It is very attractive to bet money and do something with someone. I even bet on a game with my friends every week. I bet with friends. In a game called lol, the player with the lowest rating after the game is one dollar, and the lowest ranked player on the lol op.gg or losing to the opponent is a bet that pays one dollar. Me and my friend are a team, but we compete. It’s fun.

I’ve been playing betting games like this for about 10 years. It’s still fun and not boring.

Betting and gambling on your own fractions are attractive. How about digging into this and trying to be the best in this area? Also, betting games can make huge transactions. I think betting games can make various things depending on what you think. Casino, poker, sports betting, Go (contest), Chinese chess, chess, strategy betting games such as Hearthstone, bets made by friends, etc.

In this sense, Iconbet has great potential.

And what if we bring these games together through BTP?

As I write this, I think it would be good to collaborate with Hearthstone to make a betting game.