Ledger Live Desktop Integration

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to integrate ICON blockchain to Ledger Live application natively. Boasting a monthly active user count of over 1.5 million users, Ledger Live is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications out there for every ledger device user. The Ledger team has increasingly introduced more and more features to enhance the convenience of its many users, as they are able to view their complete portfolio holistically across different blockchain platforms and securely swap their tokens directly on the application itself.

Therefore, we believe this integration project will bridge ICON to the Ledger Live ecosystem, in which users from other blockchains will be introduced and exposed to ICON network with the goal of future capabilities that will integrate ICON dApps directly into the Ledger Live interface.

For the first phase of this project, ICX users will be able to benefit from the Portfolio, Account Management, Send & Receive modules of Ledger Live. Through short research, we found over 50% of ICX users use Ledger Live and with an additional 30% having expressed interest in using Ledger Live if given the opportunity for their ICON-based tokens. This will create a more convenient and enhanced user experience for these users as we are going to develop a set of libraries, extensions, and backend nodes to allow Ledger Live application to read blockchain data directly from ICON.

For a longer vision, we are eager to integrate other ICON tokens to the Ledger Live application itself and introduce a swap interface utilizing the underlying mechanism provided by trading platforms such as Balanced DEX. Additionally, with the use of BTP and other interconnecting features of ICON, more integration in the future could open the door to easing interchain swapping of tokens between the various chains in the BTP ecosystem.

Portfolio Management
The below view represents the available features under Portfolio module of Ledger Live:

ICX users will be able to experience the following features:

  • Total portfolio value with the inclusion of ICX.
  • Asset allocation of ICX in comparison to the total portfolio.
  • Latest operations showing ICX in-flow and out-flow of the wallet address.

Accounts Management

The below view represents the available features under Accounts module of Ledger Live:

ICX users will be able to experience the following features:

  • ICX current price and 24hour change statistics.
  • Historical price chart denominated in 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y and ALL.

Send & Receive Management

ICX users will be able to send and receive ICX directly on Ledger Live application. The below screenshots demonstrate how these features perform on the application itself:

Budget Details

Total Development Team: 5 Developers
Total Development Time: 4 Months

3 blockchain engineers @ $2,700 per member per month = $32,400

1 frontend engineer @ $2,500 per month = $10,000

1 project manager cum business analyst @ 3,500 per month = $14,000

Total Required Budget: 56,400bnUSD


0.5 Month

Technical assessment:

  1. Prepare technical assessment document that includes ICON node endpoints, cryptography, consensus, transaction format, and client libraries consumption.
  2. Prepare architecture design for the choice of specific features determining indexer solution for the project.
  3. Develop code base structure and core components.

1.5 Month

CLI and GUI integration - General (GEN) features.

  1. Analysis - Getting the JS app and the Nano App work together (APDU) - Recovering the Receive address - Piecing together a basic Synch.
  2. Implementation - Get a list of nominal errors returned. Getting Receive, Synch, Send to work. - Verification of LLD and LLM UI flows.
  3. Code Review and functional test - Code Delivery for Review by Ledger.

1 Month

GUI integration - specific features.

  1. Analysis - Detailing the diagrams of User Flows defined at Technical Assessment.
  2. Implementation - Work on Graphics designs and modal flows - Get Specific flows to work.
  3. Code Review - Code Delivery for Review by Ledger.

1 Month

  1. Final testing and cooperation with Ledger team for releases.
  2. Collect feedback from users and fix bugs or make changes.

About Team

Our team has strong experience building on ICON network, contributing in major DeFi projects including Balanced and Optimus. We are comfortable in developing smart contracts and backend services, as well as frontend interfaces to confidently deliver this project effectively.

Great initiative! Fully in favour of this proposal.


This is a great idea brilliant!!


Thank you, for the feedback @hyper_connect @Whitefly00! Hoping it will be as beneficial to the network and community as we assessed it to be. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love to be able to manage my holdings through ledger live! Definitely a feature that would elevate the blockchain in the eyes of many and so holds value.

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Glad you see it that way, John! A number of our team members use Ledger Live and find the features convenient, and from what we’ve seen, a number of ICX users use it as well for their other coins. We believe it is a necessity for the community if $ICX is to grow bigger.

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Let’s talk numbers. For every $100 USD I allocate to ICX. I will receive $70 USD in value of ICX after transaction fees from the multiple exchanges it takes to finally make the purchase. Ledger live fixes this issue.

Can ICONDAO speak to any plans to re-submit this to the CPS? I think there was widespread community support for this.

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Hi James, we appreciated the widespread support from the community. Our team enjoys building various services that serve the community first and foremost. However, as dictated by the current voters of CPS, for this time period this project is not high priority. We will absolutely do this project when the time is right but currently it is postponed.

To give more insight for @Eric and @ICONJohn as well, the team is open/tentatively planning to try again in 2 months. (ie 2 cycles from now).

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Hey ICONDAO, thanks for your response and for letting us know your thoughts. Will keep an eye in the future. Much appreciated. James.

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Update: To find some compromise with the budget we thought we could break it down into phases like other infrastructure projects that get approved on CPS. Unfortunately when we ran this by the Ledger team they informed us, phases would not be supported. So it has to be a single process integration/single phase CPS proposal.

However, the Ledger team would prioritize ICX integration.


I’m excited for the consideration to resubmit this proposal. In my opinion, the ledger live application is huge for ICX. Most don’t know, they will be releasing a debit card as well very soon. This will provide more real world adoption along side Paycoin.


Hi, everyone. Ledger Live recently has recently implemented a new integration flow and it has slightly cut costs for integration.

We have updated our proposal and will be submitting it to CPS for (hopeful) approval. So we may begin development with the Ledger team. Thanks everyone for showing support!


The budget has been reduced from 56,400bnUSD for a single phase integration into 38,400bnUSD following the new ledger live updates. We have split this new 38,400 into 2 phases now at 19,200bnUSD each.